Mari Rege
Professor of Economics

UiS Business School, University of Stavanger

Phone: (+47) 51 83 37 21



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Mari Rege is a Professor of Economics at the UiS Business School at the University of Stavanger. She does research on motivation and learning. She received her PhD from University of Oslo in 2002.

Rege specializes in the fields of labor economics, economics of education, family economics and behavioral economics. Rege has been the Principal Investigator in many large research projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council.  Current projects utilize large scale randomized controlled trials to examine how a play-based structured preschool curriculum affects child development; how a growth mindset intervention in high school affects student motivation and high school completion; and how an additional teacher in the classroom affects student motivation and learning. Rege has taught classes in microeconomics, behavioral economics, personnel economics and environmental economics.

Rege is an Op-Ed columnist in Dagens Næringsliv. She was recently a member of the Commission evaluating the content of the Primary and Secondary Education in Norway, appointed by the Norwegian Government (Ludvigsenutvalget). 


Professor Mari Rege, UiS Business School

Professor Mari Rege, UiS Business School