Mari Rege
Professor of Economics

UiS Business School, University of Stavanger

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Mari Rege is a Professor of Economics at the UiS Business School at the University of Stavanger. She received her PhD from University of Olso in 2002.

Rege specializes in the fields of labor economics, family economics and behavioral economics. Rege has been the Principal Investigator in many large research projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council.  Current projects include investigating the effects of parental labor force participation on child development, exploring the intergenerational transfer of the gender gap in labor force participation, examining how different systems for performance feedback affect motivation and performance, and examining how individuals’ labor market decisions are affected by a concern for relative earnings. Rege has taught classes in micro economics, behavioral economics, personnel economics and environmental economics.

Rege is currently a member of The Commission evaluating the Primary and Secondary Education in Norway, appointed by the Norwegian Government, and the Board of Directors for Division for Society and Health at the Norwegian Research Council.  She is also an Op-Ed columnist in Dagens Næringsliv.


Professor Mari Rege, UiS Business School

Professor Mari Rege, UiS Business School