• Professor Klaus Mohn

Klaus Mohn

UiS Business School, University of Stavanger

Phone: (+47) 915 34 814
Twitter: @Mohnitor

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Professor Mohn holds an MSc in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH; 1991), and a PhD in petroleum economics from the University of Stavanger (2008). His background includes academic research at Statistics Norway (1992-1994), macroeconomic research at DNB Markets (1994-1996), as well as a variety of positions in economics, finance, strategy, and communication with Statoil (1996-2013), where he also served as corporate chief economist (2009-2013). Primary research interests lie in the intersection between economics, energy, and resource management, with a particular concern for the tension between energy, petroleum, and climate change, including economic spill-overs and policy implications for resource-rich economies (like Norway).