UiS EREE - Research Group for Energy, Resource and Environmental Economics

Researchers within Energy, Resource and Environmental Economics from the UiS Business School and the Department of Safety, Economics and Planning have joined to develop these fields as a new important research area for the University of Stavanger.

UiS EREE  - Energy, Resourvcce & Enivronmental Economics logo

The establishment of the UiS EREE research group (on February 22, 2018) highlights a vibrant research area that already exists at the University of Stavanger.

The purpose of the group is two-fold: 1) to facilitate research interactions and project collaborations between group members 2) to provide external stakeholders (government agencies, business organizations, media, and others) an overview of expertise available in the fields of energy, resource and environmental economics (EREE) at the University of Stavanger.

In the short term, the group will seek status as a formal “research area”, while the long-term aim is to establish a new “research center” for EREE at the University of Stavanger.

Research topics

(The research topics covered by group members include but are not limited to):

  • Nonrenewable resource management (e.g., oil & gas);

  • Renewable resource management (e.g., fisheries & forestry);

  • Energy industry, market & policy analysis;

  • Aquaculture industry, market & policy analysis;

  • Tourism industry, market & policy analysis;

  • Environmental policies & protection;

  • Valuation of ecosystem services & environmental amenities;

  • Renewable energy investments & climate policies;

  • Public transportation policies;

  • Agricultural commodity trading;

  • Sustainable agricultural production;

  • Sustainable economic transitions


The research group currently comprises 17 researchers from the UiS Business School and the Department of Safety, Economics and Planning (UiS Faculty of Science and Technology): 

  1. Gorm Kipperberg, Associate Professor & Co-Group Coordinator

  2. Atle Øglend, Professor & Co-Group Coordinator

  3. Frank Asche, Professor II

  4. Niaz Bashiri Behmiri, Postdoctoral fellow

  5. Craig Bond, Professor II

  6. Roy Endre Dahl, Associate Professor

  7. Torfinn Harding, Associate Professor

  8. Ana Faria Lopes, Doctoral fellow

  9. Bård Misund, Associate Professor

  10. Klaus Mohn, Professor

  11. Peter Molnar, Associate Professor

  12. Yuko Onozaka, Professor

  13. Petter Osmundsen, Professor

  14. Ruth Pincinato, Doctoral fellow

  15. Kristin Helene Roll, Professor II

  16. Hilde Ness Sandvold, Postdoctoral fellow

  17. Ragnar Tveteraas, Professor

  18. Sigbjørn Tveteraas, Professor

  19. Dengjun Zhang, Associate Professor

In addition, the research group, through its individual members, has an extensive network of national and international collaborators within EREE. There are approximately 20-30 master students associated with various research projects in any given year. The research group welcomes additional members and hopes to expand with the procurement of internal and external funding.