Arctic collaboration

UiS is one of the universities who won the program UTFORSK 2017 after evaluation of 48 applications.

Students and researchers Yuri Egorov, Soslan Tsoraev, Eduard Kotliar, Egor Meshcheryakov, Danil Rusakov, Mikhail Chumikov, Ove Tobias Gudmestad, Bente Dale, Vladimir Balitsky, Dimitrios Pavlou and Marianne Sun May Per.

The project “Russian/Norwegian collaboration in offshore and ocean technology in artic environment” is a collaboration between Gubkin University in Moscow and The University of Stavanger.

The project aims at providing a common successful learning environment for students to make sure they have the skills and knowledge required for the offshore industry to operate in Arctic climate. The project will increase student mobility through summer schools, seminars and conferences.

This week Associate Professor Vladimir Balitsky visit Stavanger to meet seven Russian students taking a semester at UiS and participate at the COTech conference at the university.

The project receives 2 million NOK through UTFORSK, which supports project cooperation between higher education institutions in Norway and higher education institutions in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia and South Africa.