Academic programmes at the department

The department of Chemistry, Bioscience and Environmental Engineering offers five study programmes and our students can choose from a wide range of natural science subjects. In addition, we offer a PhD program in chemistry and bioscience.

  • Students in Biological chemistry

    Bachelor in biological chemistry

    Biological chemistry is the knowledge of the way organisms interact with the environment and the processes that occur in different organisms. The bachelor programme is mostly taught in Norwegian.

  • Kjemi og miljø - laboratorium med studenter

    Bachelor in chemistry and environment

    Most environmental challenges consist of chemical problems, and will require good chemical skills to be solved. This knowledge is offered at the Bachelor's degree in chemistry and environment, which is an engineering education. Taught in Norwegian.

  • Virtual reality view of protein structure

    Master in biological chemistry

    As a Master's student in biological chemistry at the University of Stavanger, you will have the opportunity to participate in an academic community which is at the forefront of organelle biology research. The study is international and lectures take place in English.

  • Teaching in lab

    Master Environmental Engineering

    The master's degree in environmental engineering addresses problems related to the aquatic environment and measures that can be made to reduce the harmful effects of human activity. During the study you choose to specialize in either Offshore Environmental Technology or Water Science and Technology.

  • Teacher with a master's degree, student and teacher

    Teacher with a master's degree (Lektor realfag 8.-13. trinn)

    Different combinations of mathematics, physics and chemistry can be combined into a teacher's degree in science, with integrated didactics and pedagogy. This study programme is taught in Norwegian.

  • Lab worker

    Ph.d. in chemistry and bioscience

    The PhD program in chemistry and bioscience forms the basis for education of candidates in several important industry clusters in the region, and in Norway: environment, agriculture / food, health care and oil and chemicals.