Contact Us

Visit, call or email using the following options

Head of Department:
Ingunn Westvik Jolma
Telephone: 51831780

Head of Office:
Jacob Chr. Rørdam
Telephone: 51832975

Study Coordinator:
Hannah Kate Hondebrink
Telephone: 51833137

Head of Laboratories: 
Liv Margareth Aksland
Telephone: 51 83 18 66

Head of biological chemistry:

Daniela Maria Pampanin


Contact KE

The department administrative chemistry faculty offices are located in KE, 2nd floor, rooms C-210 to C-234.

Kjølv Egeland building
Kristine Bonnevies vei 22
4021 Stavanger

Contact biological chemistry

Biological chemistry faculty offices are located at CORE in Måltidets Hus. The centre is located in building i8 on the university campus (link to map)

Måltidets Hus Switchboard: (+47) 51 87 59 00

Centre for Organelle Research (CORE)
Måltidets Hus, Innovasjonspark i8
Richard Johnsens gate 4
4021 Stavanger

Billing address UiS

University of Stavanger
Postboks 384 Alnabru
0614 OSLO

You may also send the invoice in one (only) PDF-file to: