Research at the department

One Health and Sustainable Development: connecting human, animal, plant and environment health.

One Health and Sustainable Development research areas at the department

Our planet faces many challenges that we can only tackle in an interdisciplinary manner. The One Health ambition encompasses human, animal, plant and environmental health by focusing on the interaction between the disciplines and effect on the total environment.

Our department uniquely feeds into the One Health ambition and addresses several sustainable development goals using our scientific expertise and strengths.

  • Chemistry is important to understand life and the environment at the molecular level. A more sustainable approach to develop chemicals tailored to improve health and lessen the impact on the environment is key.
  • The understanding of life at an organismal and cellular level and ecosystem interactions is the remit of biology and important to health in all areas.
  • The provision of healthy food by means of a more sustainable agriculture and fisheries is vital.
  • Chemical and biological understanding of natural systems is essential to understand human impact on our planet. 
  • Environmental engineering offers technological solutions to remedy environmental issues for a sustainable future.

The One Health ambition of our department fits with the university’s overall goals of meeting big societal challenges in a cross-disciplinary effort and we anticipate working with and strengthening our links with other departments and faculties to address these challenges.

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