Research at the department

Department of Mathematics and Physics conducts research into mathematics, statistics and physics.

  • Algebraic geometry (

    Algebraic geometry

    Algebraic geometry is a branch of mathematics which classically is devoted to the study of solutions of polynomial equations in several variables, so called algebraic varieties.

  • Physics - equations on whiteboard

    Complex and harmonic analysis

    The field of complex analysis focuses on the study of calculus involving the complex numbers.        

  • Illustrasjon / Grafikk

    Materials science

    Research activities within the materials science group focus on the structure and dynamics of novel materials. 

  • Picture of space

    Mathematical physics

    In its broadest sense, mathematical physics may be construed as the application of rigorous mathematical methods to problems in physics. 

  • A pile of dice

    Mathematical statistics

    The mathematical statistics group concentrates on the following research fields: Statistical modeling of meteorological processes, Analysis of time to event data, Statistical processes control, Medical statistics, Computational Statistics, Econometric time series analysis.

  • Large Hadron Collider

    Theoretical subatomic physics and cosmology

    Many of the research activities in this group concern fundamental matter and charting out the different phases that may exist; the types of phase transitions that may have taken place in the early Universe and which could be reproduced in particle collider experiments.