Avslutningsseremoni 2018

Fakultetets årlige blomsterseremoni for avgangsklassene i Bachelor og Master ble avholdt fredag 25.05. Årets stipendvinnere i klassisk, dans, jazz og vinnerne av kammermusikkprisen ble også hedret. Les dekanens tale til avgangsstudentene her.

Vinnerne av årets stipend for jazz, klassisk og dans Vinnerne av årets stipend for jazz, klassisk og dans

Dear students,

Today, we are here today to celebrate you!
We are here to celebrate what you have accomplished.

Also, we are here to celebrate that you have become educated or even celebrating education itself!

Those of you who are graduating with a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree, are at a real milestone event in life.

You have completed something, something significant… something substantial. This is in itself a very respectable achievement.

Some of you will go on, into further studies. Some of you will start working.

All of you have dedicated yourself and invested years of your time to become artists – to be dancers and musicians.
You have proven yourself once by passing the audition requirements at the beginning of our studies.
And you have proven yourself again by completing and passing your degree.

We really want to commend you for your dedication and hard work.
And we want to thank you for choosing us at UiS as your vessel of education!
It is a real privilege to have such talented and dedicated students.

You students are a very important part of our learning environment, and your personal and professional qualities have been integral contributions to the education of all your fellow students.

Most of us achieve only one bachelor degree and one (sometimes two) master degrees in a lifetime, and there is something sacred about the moment of graduation:

This is the moment when society declares that a new generation of young adults are ready to take on their responsibility.  You are the leaders of tomorrow! And, in a generation or so, some of you will be standing here passing the baton on to yet a new cycle of graduates.
In this way, education is not only an image of the circle of life – it is in fact part of the circle of life.

So then, are you ready? Are you ready to go to work? Are you ready to carry the responsibility that befalls you as the next generation of adults?

Of course you are!

You may not always believe this yourself…. self-doubt is a natural thing, and I think also probably a very healthy trait.
But you are ready!

You have proven yourself.
Through years of education you have shown us that you are hard working, that you are adaptable, that you can follow instruction, that you are able to acquire good taste, that you understand tradition and that you will relate to it in a respectful and responsible way. You have shown us that you are able to eliminate almost every mistake, and that you have a real passion for perfection.

This is great!

But this is also only half of what you’ll need, so here is your final, final lesson, at the University of Stavanger:

The truth is that although it seems, sometimes, that we have all the answers. In fact; we don’t. We have many more questions than answers.

The truth is that what we have taught you, by design is, and must be of the past. It is important stuff, for sure! But, it is of the past.

The truth is that no one can tell what the future will bring. All of you can, and some of you will, shape the future!

Take what we have taught you. Make it your own!

Go break the rules! And consider the endless possibilities of success more than you consider the difficulties.

We have faith in you! Good luck and thank you for having been part of our family here at the University of Stavanger!