Call for applications 2017

We hereby invite you to submit your application for admission to the Research Fellowship Programme in 2017. The Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme is intended to qualify candidates for artistic work, teaching and research positions in higher art education and for other work in society that demands a high level of artistic expertise and insight.

The nominal length of study for the Research Fellowship Programme is three (3) years of full-time study where an independent artistic project of a high standard with national and international relevance to the subject area is central.

Send your application to:

The application process is split in two. The application is written using the Programme’s application form and sent to one of the Norwegian institutions of higher education affiliated to the Programme by 1 December 2016. The institutions will make a selection, and then submit the selected applications to the Programme Board by 21 April 2017. The Board of the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme will decide on admission to the Reseach Fellowship Programme within 1 June 2017. The admission is made public at