Chalmers University of Technology: Course in Applying Collaborative Research Methodology

Location in 2018: Gothenburg, Sweden, May2--May 4, 2018 (Introduction May 1 and optional session May 5)

Collective Engagement and Understanding through Concept Mapping: In this first course, we will focus on the methodology of Concept Mapping (CM). CM is an integrative, mixed methods research approach that is uniquely suited to soliciting diverse perspectives from a range of stakeholders in research projects where collaboration and co-creation are desirable. CM has been widely used in various settings and provides results for both academic and action-based dissemination.

From Principles to Practice: Complex problems require a multi-actor perspective. In bridging the knowing-doing gap we need skills and competencies to engage with others to both define and study such problems. This course will provide a learning community for participants to advance, discuss and practice their understanding of collaborative research methodology. In contrast to traditional research methods which often come from a top-down, expert perspective and may distance research participants, we emphasize methodological expertise in collaborative research that partners directly with stakeholders using participatory, mixed methods and human-centered design approaches.

Practice Makes Perfect: Principles and theoretical underpinnings will be presented through lectures, but an important feature of the course is to practice the skills and prepare a draft of your own study. We will also have ongoing discussions and activities related to how the methodology can be directly applied within participants’ own settings.

Who Should Attend?

  • Graduate students –working on a PhD with a need or desire to learn about research methods.
  • Post Doctorates/Junior Faculty/Senior Faculty – needing to refresh previous knowledge or gain new insight into research methods in whatever step of an academic career.
  • Practitioners – seeking practical knowledge to apply on any ongoing or planned projects.

What We Want to Build Together with You: This first course is a prototype, and will become the foundation for a group of individuals that expect to work further on the application of collaborative research methodology. The courses will give you an opportunity to build strong support for your own research or professional work. With the aim for you to leave the course with a draft of your own study, we emphasize concrete tools that make you ready for action. In addition, we will provide ongoing research mentorship through booster sessions and webinars throughout the year.

Course Organizers and Further Information:

  • Lisa M. Vaughn, PhD, Professor, University of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati Ohio, USA:
  • Frida Smith, PhD, Researcher, Chalmers University of Technology, and Developmental Manager, Regional Cancer Center West, Sweden:
  • Árni Halldórsson, PhD, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden:

Practical Information: Application deadline is February 16 for the May 2018 program in Gothenburg, Sweden. Spaces are limited to ensure an engaged environment. Participants will be notified of acceptance no later than February 28. Tuition costs for the 2018 program will be waived for the first 18 accepted applicants. Participants will cover their own airfare, lodging, and most meals. Fee for late cancellation may apply.

See the flyer here.