Forskningsprosjekt om kompetanseutvikling i PROFRES

Forskningsprosjektet skal handle om hva og hvordan doktorgradsstudenter tilknyttet forskerskolen PROFRES tenker om egen utvikling som forsker. Forskningsprosjektet koordineres fra Institutt for helsefag ved UiS av Margareth Kristoffersen og Bjørg F. Oftedal.

Gruppearbeid i PROFRES

Educating PhD-students for excellence in professions-oriented and practice-relevant research – exploring development of becoming skilled researchers

Requirements for high quality doctoral education are issues of importance worldwide. The setting in this qualitative project is a cross-disciplinary research school focused on profession-oriented and practice-relevant research in the fields of health, welfare and education - PROFRES. The overall aim of the project is to explore how professions-oriented and practice-relevant research competence develop among doctoral students. Two studies are planned. The first one aims to interpret competence development for profession-oriented and practice-relevant research in a longitudinal perspective. The second aims to identify and describe discourses in doctoral students’ ways of talking about professions-oriented and practice-relevant research competence. Individual interviews and focus-group interviews with doctoral students will be conducted in the middle part and the last part of their connection to PROFRES. Data collection starts in October 2015.