PhD Course at Roskilde University 16 - 17 November 2017

Welfare Professionals and Professions under Transformation: New Paradigms and New Challenges

Professions and professionals in welfare services are in transformation in multiple ways. On the one hand, welfare services are being optimized, evidence based and standardized – leading to professionals in risk of burn out, demotivation and de-qualification. On the other hand, citizens and patients are being positioned as influential and active participants in treatment and services calling for a change and renewal of professional arrangements. Likewise professions are key figures in developing cross-sectoral welfare services since this should support better and more coherent pathways for citizens and new professional practices. In this PhD course we seek to identify and critically discuss these international and national transformations by exploring theoretical as well as empirical points of impact.



The dynamic of change in public service organizations. Mia Vabø, Research Professor at NOVA, a research institute at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway

Interprofessional work in Health Care: A Practice of Hope and Challenge. Sine Lehn-Christiansen, Associate Professor, Centre for Health Promotion, Roskilde University, DK

Professionalism between Standardisation and Humanization. Betina Dybbroe, Professor, Centre for Health

Promotion, Roskilde University, DK

The (renewed) ‘Collaborative Turn’ in Welfare Services: New Democratic Venues for Citizens and Professionals?

Linda Lundgaard Andersen, Professor, Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Roskilde University, DK


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