PhD course in Person-centred Healthcare Research at the University College of Southeast Norway

Course summary:

This course aims at giving in-depth knowledge of basic concepts, distinctions and arguments in the field of person-centred healthcare research. The course will explore approaches to person-centred healthcare research in the context of the philosophy of science, including the philosophy of personhood in different traditions and ontological, epistemological and ethical perspectives that may guide the conduct of person-centred healthcare research. Other central topics will be research designs and qualitative and quantitative methods in person-centred research, including collaborative approaches and process and outcome evaluation. The research ethics part will address values and guidelines, the researcher role and the need for awareness to moral challenges in person-centred research practice, especially concerning vulnerable persons with long term and complex health needs.

Emne: PHDPCR500 The Science and Practice of Person-centred Research


Emneansvarlige: Professor Hilde Eide, HSN og Professor Brendan  McCormack, HSN / Head of Division of Nursing, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh



Day 1: September 14th 2016 09:00-16:00

Day 2: September 15th 2016 09:00-16:00

Day 3: September 16th 2016 09:00-16:00

Day 4: November 22nd 2016 09:00-16:00

Day 5: November 23rd 2016 09:00-16:00

Day 6: November 24th 2016 09:00-16:00

Day 7: January 31st 2017 09:00-16:00

Day 8: February 1st 2017 09:00-16:00

Day 9: February 2nd 2017 09:00-16:00


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