Roskilde University International PhD Summer School

Invitation to PhD Summer School 14. – 17. August 2018 in Roskilde, Denmark. This year's theme explores research in Lifelong Learning, Professional Development and Social Innovation.

Roskilde University

The Doctoral School of People and Technology, Roskilde University (RUC)

in collaboration with

University of Lower Silesia (Poland)

Research School for Professions-Oriented and Practice-Relevant Research PROFRES, Stavanger University(Norway)

East China Normal University, Shanghai


invites you to join our


International PhD Summer School 14. – 17. August 2018

THEME: Lifelong Learning, Professional Development and Social Innovation

Program and info (pdf)


The Roskilde University International Summer School in Lifelong Learning has provided a decade-long tradition of interactive and dynamic doctoral training. This year’s theme explores research in lifelong learning, professional development and social innovation – within a variety of arenas like educational institutions, working life, health care and social service, civil society, public and private organizations. The overall theme of lifelong learning invites phd projects related to studies of learning, development and social innovation across different institutional settings, life worlds, subjective orientations and societal contexts.

Learning, professional development and social innovation is part of nearly any arena in modern life. Consequently, professions, professionals and citizens involved in welfare services, in schooling, education or working life are in transformation in multiple ways, Welfare services are being optimized, evidence based and standardized at the same time as citizens, workers and learners are being positioned as influential and active participants, calling for a change and renewal of professional arrangements. Likewise cross-sectoral collaboration and social innovation in welfare services are called upon as significant dimensions. All this, provides highly performance-oriented and challenging organizational scenarios that holds a variety of responses and consequences to be studied.


Keynote Lectures and Workshop Moderators

Professor, Dr. Ewa Kurantowicz, ULS Wroclaw, Poland

Professor, Dr. Bernd Käpplinger , University of Giessen, Germany

Professor, Dr. Betina Dybbroe, Roskilde University, DK

Associate Professor, Dr. Niels Warring, Roskilde University, DK

Professor, Dr. Linda Lundgaard Andersen, Roskilde University, DK



Applications are made through the online registration system by 1st of June 2018, and should include your name, institutional affiliation, a short description of the theme of your PhD research and a title for your paper submission. If applicable, the application must be accompanied by a recommendation from a home university professor for the waiving of the summer school fee.  

A full workshop paper must be submitted through the online registration system by August 1st 2018



Participants will be offered accommodation for the period of the summer school and 2-3 adjacent nights - the price is approximately € 300.

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