Social Enterprise and Co-Production as Social Innovation in Scandinavian Welfare States

PhD course at Roskilde University 9th and 10th October 2017

With Professor Victor Pestoff, professor, phd Lars Hulgård and professor, phd Linda Lundgaard Andersen

In a variety of arenas, the Scandinavian welfare states have been under transformation during the last decades - for instance developing new forms of welfare governance, discussing financial coverage of welfare services, participatory and citizen led innovation and political engagement or new forms of market economy. This development situates the Nordic welfare in a pinpoint of changes that both mirrors international trends but also differs.

In this PhD course leading international and Nordic scholars will present and discuss their research – in collaboration with participating PhD students.

We provide theoretical overviews as well as empirical findings covering how – and if - NPM and NPG and beyond provide a fertile ground in the Scandinavian welfare states for the emergence of social enterprise and social innovation. Phenomena like reciprocity, participation and relational welfare signal a new welfare profile and we discuss whether social enterprise and co-production are furthering these developments. In a Nordic context, we point to how social movements and welfare dynamics as narratives form the roots and future of collaborative innovation and social entrepreneurship and how this seems to be both a potential but also a barrier.  



Universalism, New Public Management, New Public Governance and Beyond in Scandinavian Welfare States / Professors Victor Pestoff and Lars Hulgård

Co-Production from NPM to NPG and Beyond // Professor Victor Pestoff

Social Enterprise in a Welfare State Perspective – reciprocity, participation and relational welfare / Professor Lars Hulgård,

Micro-Processes of Collaborative Innovation in Nordic Welfare Settings: Narratives of Social Movements and Welfare Dynamics // Professor Linda Lundgaard Andersen


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Victor Pestoff, full professor in political science at Södertörns högskola; Professor of Political Science at Mid-Sweden University in Östersund and from 2008 Professor Emeritus and part-time Professor at the Institute for Civil Society Studies, Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College, Sweden. Also adjunct professor at Roskilde University, Denmark and Osaka University, Japan. He is  a founding member of the EMES Research Network on Social Enterprise. Victor Pestoff began his academic career by examining the relations between party systems, popular movements and voluntary organizations in three Nordic countries and has ever since explored the political and democratic aspects of voluntary organizations, cooperatives, third sector organizations and the social economy. He has published reports and articles on Swedish consumer organizations and consumer influence; many articles and two books on Swedish cooperative movements; articles and reports on Swedish business interests organizations; articles on the negotiated economy in Scandinavia, several articles and a book on the transformation of the public sector in Central and Eastern Europe, two books on the third sector and welfare state and two edited volumes and books on the co-production of public services.

Lars Hulgård is full professor of social entrepreneurship at Roskilde University, Denmark; professor of social entrepreneurship at Telemark University College, Norway, and permanent visiting professor at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India. He is a Co-founder of EMES European Research Network (President 2010-2016). Chair of the research group Social Innovation and Organizational Learning (2007-2016). Professor at the MA in Social Science in Social Entrepreneurship and Management. Co-director and founder, Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. He is engaged in research, teaching and consultancy in social innovation, social work, social policy, social economy, social entrepreneurship, social service, social enterprise, civil society, capacity building and transformation of the welfare state. 

Linda Lundgaard Andersen, phd, professor in learning, evaluation and social innovation, Roskilde University, director of the PhD-School of People and Technology, co-director of Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Roskilde University. Prior visiting Professor at Dept. of Urban Studies in 2011 at Malmø University and currently at Dept. of Health at Stavanger University. She has been the principal investigator of more than 30 national research grants including empirical inquiries and theoretical and conceptual work in learning, social innovation, social entrepreneurship and welfare services, democracy and forms of governance in human services, life history and ethnographies. She has been the editor and co-editor of numerous Danish and international books and journal chapters on social entrepreneurship and social enterprises, coproduction and cocreation, psycho-social learning and social innovation.