Emner som tilbys på ph.d.-programmet i økonomi

PHD101 Research design

Application deadline: Will be announced

Course date: 03.12.2018 - 07.12.2018

Course coordinator: Torvald Øgaard

Credits: 5 ECTS


PHD102 Philosophy of science

Application deadline: Will be announced

Course date: Week 46

Course coordinator: Tarjei Mandt Larsen

Credits: 5 ECTS

Required readings


PHD103 Qualitative methods

Application deadline: Will be announced

Course date: 04.02.2019 - 08.02.2019

Course coordinator: Anders Vassenden

Credits: 5 ECTS


PHD104 Multivariate analysis: Applied factor and regression analysis

Application deadline: 08.03.2018

Course date: Week 15, 09.04.2018 – 13.04.2018

Course coordinator: Knud Knudsen

Credits: 5 ECTS


Quantitative Methods for Innovation Research

The NORSI Research Methods’ course Quantitative Methods will be held at CIRCLE, Lund University, Sweden, Monday 3th December – Friday 7th December 2016.

The Course gives 5 ECTS, and is held at CIRCLE in Lund but is organized in cooperation with UiS where your ECTS point will be registered.

* Please note that this course is not an introductory course but a method course that requires some previous experience with STATA.


Registration and registration form: To registered for the course please send an email to Nadia Sandsmark:

together with UiS application form for PhD courses. 

Registration deadline: 5 November 2018.