Doktorgradsavhandlinger ved SEROS (ikke i Brage)

Doktorgradsavhandlinger ved Institutt for medie-, kultur- og samfunnsfag:

  • Borg, Audun: "Fire Safety Engineering." PhD Thesis UiS no. 232 - September 2014.
  • Eriksen, Kristoffer W.: "Risk-taking, Loss Aversion and Incentives." PhD Thesis UiS no. 96 - May 2010.
  • Høye, Sevald: "The strength of cultural diversity. The perspectives of family members and nurses on their encounters in intensive care units." PhD Thesis UiS no. 64 - February 2009.
  • Kjærland, Maria: "Cyber Incident Risk Profiling - Applying Systematic Profiling for Assessing Information Systems Security Risks." PhD Thesis UiS no. 29 - April 2007.
  • Kruke, Bjørn I.: "Complicated coordination in a complex emergency." PhD Thesis UiS no. 102 - June 2010.
  • Oltedal, Helle A.: "Safety culture and safety management within the Norwegian-controlled shipping industry." PhD Thesis UiS no. 137 - October 2011.
  • Pettersen, Kenneth A.: "The Social Production of Safety - Theorising the Human Role in Aircraft Line Maintenance." PhD Thesis UiS no. 59 - December 2008.
  • Scharffscher, Kristin S.: "Safety management in complext emergencies - A study of humanitarian organisations in relation to gender-based protection." PhD Thesis UiS no. 106 - June 2010.
  • Tharaldsen, Jorunn-Elise: ""In Safety We Trust" - Safety, Risk and Trust in the North Sea Petroleum Industry." PhD Thesis UiS no. 121 - January 2011.
  • Wiig, S.: "Contributions to Risk Management in the Public Sector." PhD Thesis UiS no. 48 - February 2008.

Doktorgradsavhandlinger ved Institutt for industriell økonomi, risikostyring og planlegging:

  • Abrahamsen, Håkon Bjorheim: "Quality and Safety in Helicopter Emergency Medical Services." PhD Thesis UiS no. 305 - August 2016.
  • Andersen, Trude B.: "Empirical studies on Natural Resource Markets." PhD Thesis UiS no. 78 - 2009.
  • Batalden, Bjørn-Morten: "Safety Management in Shipping." PhD Thesis UiS no. 255 - June 2015.
  • Bjerga, Torbjørn: "Foundational issures in risk analysis and risk management: Advancements in the treatment of model uncertainty and deep uncertainty." PhD Thesis UiS no. 289 - May 2016.
  • Dahl, Roy E.: "Analysis of portfolio risk and regime changes." PhD Thesis UiS no. 177 - 2013.
  • Dolven, Malene Tungland: "Contributions to operational risk management." PhD Thesis UiS no. 253 - May 2015.
  • Eidesen, K.: "Contributions to Risk Informed Decision-Making with Applications from Health Care and Patient Safety." PhD Thesis UiS no. 57 - 2008.
  • Flage, Roger: "Contributions to the treatment of uncertainty in risk assessment and management." PhD Thesis UiS no. 100 - 2010.
  • Gelyani, Alireza Moharamzadeh: "Contributions to Risk Management." PhD Thesis UiS no. 236 - December 2014.
  • Griffith, Lucas A.: "Structuring Neighbourhood Space – An investigation into the Production of Neighbourhood Space as Planned, Practiced, and Lived in Post-Industrial Norway." PhD Thesis no. 198 - June 2013.
  • Häger, David: "Stochastic Modelling for the Analysis of Operational Risk in Financial Institutions." PhD Thesis UiS no. 90 - January 2010.
  • Heide, Bjørnar: "Monitoring Major Hazard Risk for Industrial Sectors." PhD Thesis UiS no. 66 - 2009.
  • Langeland, Trond Å.: "Language and change : an inter-organisational study of the zero vision in the road safety campaign / by Trond Åge Langeland." PhD Thesis UiS no. 72 - 2009.
  • Mohn, K.: "Investment behaviour in the international oil and gas industry : essays in empirical petroleum economics." PhD Thesis UiS no. 51 - 2008.
  • Nilsen, Alf R. "Contributions to Fire Safety Design of Tunnels." PhD Thesis UiS no. 145 - 2011.
  • Nøkland, Thor E.: "Contributions to treatment of uncertainty  and importance ranking in risk informed decision-making." PhD Thesis UiS no. 114 - 2010.
  • Rake, Eivind: "Crisis Management - Coping and decision making on-scene." PhD Thesis UiS no. 52 - Juni 2008.
  • Rimstad, Rune: "Medical command in mass casualty incidents."  PhD Thesis UiS no. 273 - November 2015.
  • Sagandykova, Saule S.: "The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Host Countries: The Case of Kazakhstan." PhD Thesis UiS no. 87 - 2009.
  • Selvik, Jon T.: "Contributions to treatment of uncertainty in reliability and risk informed operations & maintenance planning." PhD Thesis UiS no. 150 - 2013
  • Sikveland, Marius: "Econometric analysis of natural resource prices." PhD Thesis UiS no. 154 - 2012.
  • Solberg, Øyvind: "Risk Analyses, Risk Acceptance and Risk Management." PhD Thesis UiS no. 206 - December 2013.
  • Sollid, Stephen J.M.: "Risk Management in Critical Care Medicine as a Tool to Improve Patient Safety." PhD Thesis UiS no. 95 - May 2010.
  • Sommer, Morten: "Learning in emergency response work." PhD Thesis UiS no. 275 - November 2015.
  • Steen, Riana: "Contributions to the risk assessment and risk management in a societal context – treatment of large uncertainties." PhD Thesis UiS no. 113 - 2010.
  • Vastveit, Kirsti Russel: "Learning from incidents at a Scandinavian refinery." PhD Thesis UiS no. 250 - April 2015.
  • Veland, Henning: "Contributions to the further development of the new risk perspectives."  PhD Thesis UiS no. 226 - June 2014. 

Doktorgradsavhandlinger ved Institutt for helsefag:

  • Husebø, Sissel E.: "Conditions for learning in simulation practice: training for team-based resuscitation in nursing education." PhD Thesis no. 173 - 2012.