Developing doctoral supervision - Lecturers

The course is lead by dr. Anne Lee and is mainly run using external lecturers covering different topics of their expertise. The following lecturers will be teaching the course in 2017.

  • Linn Nygaard

    Lynn Nygard is a Special Adviser on Project Development and Publications, working at PRIO. Research interests: She focuses on various apsects of the production of academic writing in research-producing settings,  and adopts an academic literacies perspective, which sees academic writing as a situated social practice. This critical perspective draws attention to how writing practices differ between various groups of academics – based on their discipline, methodological orientation, institutional setting, staff category, and so on.


  • Per Gunnar Hillesøy

    Per Gunnar Hillesøy is a senior legal adviser at the University of Bergen. He is responsible for the session on legal challenges in supervision.

  • Roger Strand

    Roger Strand is a professor and former Director (2005-11) of the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities at the University of Bergen. He is responsible for the session on ethical challenges in supervision.

  • Linda Lundgaard Andersen

    Linda Lundgaard Andersen is a professor in Learning, Evaluation and Social Innovation at Roskilde University (RUC) where she also is Head of the PhD School of Lifelong Learning and Social Psychology of Everyday Life (RUC) and Co-Director of Centre of Social Entrepreneurship (RUC). She is responsible for the sessions on learning contexts in doctoral education, management tools and conflict management.

  • Course leader Anne Lee

    Academic leader dr. Anne Lee

    Dr. Anne Lee is a Senior Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.  In addition she is a Member of the British Psychological Society, and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Bristol. She currently works for a range of universities primarily in Scandinavia and the UK, focusing on research supervision. She is also an associate professor at the Department of Social Studies at UiS.  Her book ‘Successful Research Supervision’ (2012) is widely used. ‘To read more about her work, visit

    She is leading a national project for UiS to develop research supervision skills across Norway and will be leading the inaugural public course in August in Stavanger to help those who want to work in supervisor development.  She is the Academic Leader of the Developing Doctoral Supervision course for UiS, Nord and UiA.  On that course she is responsible for the sessions on supervising the writing process, research training in national / international context and approaches to supervision, the supervisor’s roles, scholarship of research supervision (symposium) and the supervisor’s role in supporting researchers’ careers.