UiS PhD-Supervisory Qualification Programme 2019 - Lecturers

The course is lead by by a group of academic UiS-staff and mainly run by using internal lecturers covering different topics of their expertise. The following lecturers will be teaching the course in 2019:

  • Bjørn Ivar Kruke

    Bjørn Ivar Kruke

    Associate professor Bjørn Ivar Kruke, Faculty of Science and Technology

  • Håvard Hansen

    Håvard Hansen is a professor of marketing at The Norwegian School of Hotel Management, The faculty of social sciences, where he currently also serves as Head of department. From 2016-2018 Håvard was the Vice Dean for Research and responsible for the PhD-program in Social sciences. With an academic experience that spans more than 20 years, he has supervised at all levels from bachelor to PhD.

  • Kari Søndenå

    Kari Søndenå is a professor in social pedagogy at UiS, Faculty of Social Sciences.


  • Randi Wågø Aas

    Randi Wagø Aas

    Randi Wågø Aas is a professor in Occupational Health at Department of Public Health, at Faculty of Health Sciences and at OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan university. She is head of the research group Participation in School and Work. She is an experienced supervisor in her present positions at UiS and OsloMet but, also in her former position as a Research Director at IRIS (now NORCE), where she worked for 10 years.

  • Unni Vere Midthassel

    Unni Vere Midthassel

    Unni Vere Midthassel is a professor in pedagogical psychology at The Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research in Education. From 2007-2015 she was Head of the Centre. She has more than twenty years as an academic and has supervised at higher levels (Master and PhD) in Education Sciences.

  • Trude Furunes

    Trude Furunes

    Associate professor Trude Furunes, Faculty of Social Sciences