The Monster Network

Currently we are witnessing an unprecedented resurgence of interest in the figure of the monster.

Personer som gjemmer seg under laken.

Monster are back, or perhaps they never went away. They haunt popular culture and social media. They lurk as images of dread and terror in politics, and figures of thought within academia. As shadows of the past they reappear as the potential biotechnological realities of today.

They roam the in-between, making borders and boundaries tremble and shatter; whether these be borders of nation states or bodies, or categories of race, gender, sexuality, ability, class, self and other. In this sense, the monster seems to embody a promise of disturbances and change, as Donna Haraway argued in her 1992 text “The Promises of Monsters”.

The emerging field of Monster Studies is an interdisciplinary area of research, art, medicine, political science, psychology, computer science, and literature that invites us to think with and through the figure of the monster.

This cultural and academic interest in monsters and the monstrous led to the founding of The Monster Network – an interdisciplinary and international community aiming to unpack the complexities that haunt our times as an academic, cultural, ethical and political task.

The aim of the Network is to spark collaborations between artists and scholars by organizing conferences, workshops, publications, symposia and public events as well as creating a space for discussions and information on all things monstrous.