<County: Cheshire>
<Code: L0082>
<MS reference: London, BL Add. Charter 51000>
<Text: Bond>

This endenture made at Wich Maubanke the xv day of aprill þe 3ere of kyng harry the fighte Sixe beres wytnes
þat þere as harry of Dauenport of Caluylegh William of þe Meoles de hasullwall And katerine þat wes wyf to Raulyn
of holford bene boundon~ on in þe hold & all Jn þe hold Jn an obligacion~ of xxiiij li of leall & trewe monay to be
payde to John~ of kyngesley of þe Wych Maubanke or to his attorn@ Jn the feste of Quyssonynday . next comyng as
þe same obligacion@ makes mension@ The same John@ grantes that 3if þe forsaide katerine lyve vnto þe terme of sixe
3ere be fullely comen And passit Aftur þe date of þis endenture And þat þe same John~ haue in pese And quiete
all þe londes tennt3 rennt3 And seruices Wyth all other hor appurtenauntz Quech þe same katerine hase And ben .
allottyt to hir in dower A-fore the Eschetour of Chesturshire harry of Rauendscrofte vnto þe ende [of terme] of sixe 3er~
next comyng Aftur þe makyng of þis endenture As a script of þe same londes grantet by þe same katerine to
the same John~ makes plane mension@ or elles þat þe same katerine or any mon Jn hir name Woll come
And pay the xxiiij li at any tyme wyth-Jn þe sixe 3er~ to þe forsayde John~ þat þene þe obligacion@ of
xxiiij li stonde in no stregth And elles þat it stonde Jn ful effecte And vertue Jn wytnes of þes endentures
þe same John~ And katerine to thes endentures ayther til other party . haue sette to hor seles writon@
At Wych mabanke the xv day of aprill the 3er~ & day of kyng harry þe sixte to-foresaide