<County: Cheshire>
<Code: L0104>
<MS reference: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Lat. Misc.c.66>
<Text: Poems of Humphrey Newton>

<Tranche 1>

<fol. 92va>My worshipffull & reuerent lady dere
& ye that allen my lof is on
j me recommend to you my gentil fere
wt hert & mothe accordynge in oon~
¶ jf it be likynge you to here
of my wellfare þt is full thyn~
j wos full lusty to my bere
& j had byn clene out of synne
¶ To you my mastres most j mene
as ye byn most derworthe & dere
fro my bales may not j blynne
for yow that is wt-outyn pere
¶ alas for loue my lif is lorne
for you j lofe as my lif
on you i thynk bothe euen & morne
now god graunt you to be myn wt-outen strif
But if j may wynne your lof to myn~
hard fortune is me be-forne
& alle my play is put to pyne
allas for loue my life is lorne
Of beaute & bonte best
js non so semely vnto se
My hert will brek & all-to brest
lady but if ye rew on me
j swere by hym~ that died on tre
& of a+maiden~ myld [was] borne
j sik full of when~ j you se
alas for lofe my lif is lorne
¶ To youe my lof yt j of mene
ful oft j haue you klippid & kist
yet was neuer syn us be-twene
bot lofly loue syn we met first
¶ Mi mirthe my joy is lokyn you wt-inne
wt kees of loue that sitten~ me sore
Therfore j crie & may not blynne
allas for loue my lif is lore
¶ now first to set my hert in rest
J wold wylne your~ lof to myne
& in youre hert for to be nexte
& fro youe neuer for to twynne
¶ Mi hond it qwakis to hold the penne
for whi j write you more & more
it will amend j wot sertenne
allas for loue my lif is lore
<fol. 92vb>¶ when j you se j go ful glade
Mi joi my solace my lady fre
& yet in mornynge am j stade
Of me lest ye haue no pete
¶ bot if j fynd you trew to trist
j mot say yen~ j am lorne
gon~ is my herte likyng & list
alas for loue my life is lorne
¶ Wold god we my3t to-gedre lof
wt-outen wronge of any we3t
God graunt us that sittes abofe
& his moder mare bri3t
¶ for wordely lof j am oute-cast
Hit will me greue j wot ful sor~
lest ye for-sake me at the last
allas for loue my lif lif is lor~
¶ Mi-n+owne dere hert disples you no3t
for nothynge that ye here by me
for by hyme þt me dere bo3t
jnn my hert is non bot ye
¶ No mor~ this tyme to youe j write
My sore sittes me full sor~
of my dethe j you endite
allas for lofe my lif is lor~
¶ Euerlastynge lof to me j haue tane
leyn me youre hert & be ye stidfast
ye haue my hert me rauesshed & tane
neuer to for-sake you~ while my lif wil last <blank line>
¶ her hert j wold j had j-wis
vnto the tyme j gaf it agayn~
my hert is loken wt-jnne her chest
for-sothe j wold Sho knew my payn~
ruthe it were to here me complayne
ey y[e]rfor~ my Swete & my Swetenge
y pray you remenbre me in your~ Slepynge
<fol. 93r>When 3epheres eeke withe his fresshe tarage
Has concluded wentur in a breef space
yen is mere both for youth & age
to here mirth game & salace
Hit dose comfort to creatures be crist & be crede
to yaym þt listonys & louys of louers to lerne
god gif thym space spekynge & specily to spede
And to bryng thym in-to blisse with þe bright burne
Sum tyme j lovwed a buerne in bveaute ful br3t
She was tristy & tender in truth for to tell
She wold salfe won of his sore she is so semely in si3t
She is dight wt diamoundes derworth kercheff3 & kell
To spede or to speyke had j no spase
But clippynge & kissynge & mony cares cold
Jn game & in gle in joy & solace
hit was so hote & so hasty hit my3t not lange hold
j had her hert in hold eeke by this dey
For what<?> yt j had had leue to my list les
He shal+not spede yt spekys all on~ ye first dey
Bot with comly kysses all to her ples
To that blisfull blosson brid bri3test of ble
Sho wold take hom~ in treuth & spare for no fryend
And to put me jn prese wt ye gentel wen to be
Sho is so comly a creature bothe curtes & kynde
thay were as bri3t os blossu@ or rose on brere
So comly curtes swete and small
So long j leykyd in luf so dere
hethen fortune can cu@ & turned don all
with sikynges sore j seyd alas
whi yt false fortune is so frely my foe
that first layde me in game eek & solace
& shortely in soro and in wanderynge woe
ther-fore who wyll be a louer & leyke wher hym~ list
The tone wt toder trevly to take
Quen hym~ thynke yt he is in~ blisse wt yt bri3t best
hit shall turne trevly in [wo] and yn wrake
j conclude here my processe in a breffe space
Be-cause of Retherike termys yt we ar not coth
Bot when we han~ merely met in~ pleke or in place
Wyth meloduous tunys j shall meyne with my moth
<fol. 93r><left margin> by god of loue set j nothyng
nor by venus wt her vayn glorie j wold not aply
for j thogh playnly alle my <ill><1 word></ill>
there wos no women yndur god that
shuld make me sor~
ne non~ that j wold loue bot for a+seson & a whilke
thof sho were neuer so [feire] Fresh
of fac~
For j trustid hem not j said
thay wald me [be]-gele
and hynge me in hir bondon &
then gruche me her grase
bot nowe [is] had has venus me
wroth at my vey wordes
& has send ˆ [out] her meyden~
me for to tene & has
to ˆ [dele] me a darte of loue a sharp
as any swordes & haue bitturly
me bonden in loue chene
how she ke3t me wt a <a line written above the following, which is crossed out>
& thus hit hapned kyndely
croke for to loue a mey <a line written above the following, which is crossed out>
that j am thus bondyn
in loue &[in] longur my life [for] to led
¶ j shall telle yo titely &
wond for no blame
to the kirke j went ones on~
a holy+day to here mes for
sothe all to-geder in same
j was a-vised on a wegh
that did by me knelle
late commyn~ fro court ale
her for to play
& then venus was set deftnes
to dele & garte me to
kest my ee on that faire
mey & sho wt broes brent
& een that were gray to
me anon~ she kest her sight
<fol. 93r><right margin>then loued j h lely this is no foley
& my hert in hers anon hit was
bot yet j wist not for-sothe what that
she [bynne] tho3t wheder j was a wegh na3
to here pay herk and [now or] after & ye
shall well se how it happene
anon after on a-nother day
j was in feliship wt her on <ill><1 word></ill>
tyme & [bro3t] went wt her a+my<ms torn
on-ward on the way & then
to my purpos sho did <ill><1 word, looks like moln acc to robbins, I agree></ill>
& [said] sho had no luf & swere by
thys day & then j speke
spakly & spered her & non and
sed j was luf-sek euen for her sak
& [She] cald me a scorner & sag~ & said j
was won~ & then to her mercy
j did me be-tak
then j prayd her for pete if that
scho wold . ones on haly a-bras
me for my sake
or ellis my cares thay wold
wax more cold / & my blis
thus canseled she my3t
abate She said de she wold
in-deid for my sake bot wheyer
she my3t or not sho cold not
wel telle [me] j said a+tokyn~ sho most
vnto me take she said the right
hond glofe ofe shuld it be
& if the lift be of then may ye se
that ye may not cu~ neyer erly ny lat
this is the tokyn~ thus let it bee
ye may se now what j do euen for
youre sake
then met j that may
that was bright & shen~
& kest her & klepped her
at my wele <written above the next line which is probably meant to be discarded>
euen by her lefe
She said she loued me & that <mrg>my3t j se</mrg>
<mrg>& j said she
my3t me lith
saue &
<fol. 93v><left margin>She bid me pittes
preues what j
welle & that
she loues me
lelly wt all
her hert
She said /
She will met
<ms cut>e in place wher j wod <vertical line between o and d but does not look like l>
me to comfor
of my care &
my <corrected to me> bales lese[to ioy conuert~]
bot j haue not
beddyn~ that
burd mete+me
in no plac~
wher j my3te
opyn~ my hert
& say what j wel
my bone for
to aske & sho
to gront grac~
for j trist in
her that she
will not me
spille .
<fol. 93vb>j haue not sho said nae neuer nay
bot forther-mor hauest j not herd
bot as preues so shall j write
bot and sho do j de this die
and of my dethe she is the wite
<fol. 93va>Most soueren lady comfort of care
A next in my hert most in my myende
Right welth & cause of my wele-fare
Gentill trulove speciall & kynde
eey pinacle pi3t wt stidfastenes
Right tristy & truth of my salace
euer wel spryngynge stillatorie of swettes swetenes
<ill><3 words></ill> gronded wt grace
<lat>alia de alio nomine</lat>
Euer souereyn swete swettist in si3t
lese me of my [care] as the ye are+creature kith
in wo j ly for your beaut so bri3t
no thinge may me glade noyer meyte ne mirthe
<lat>alia de homine</lat>
beaute of youre burne in my body abydis
right reufully j sike þof j be fer you fro
if ye be true in trouth lof hit not slidis
And j schall swere the same iustely also
not ye be wroth þof j sey / fayn as j wold do
My body j wold be-take in-to youre gentillnes
with hert intier & sperete of mekenes
<much larger handwriting starts> Poites writen~ by derke parables
Of esperus breuely to conclude
Phobus enforced in~ such likenes
that few me~ can~ espy by similitude
and here j purpose a+fable to include
how frosty ianuari is chosen to aquarius
And all fresche tarages vn-to 3epherus <blank line follows>
Than~ comes in~ februarius by ye licence
Of januarie and passus in-to piscibus
and marcius [soll] passes by resemblaunce
And Sol in ariete parchaunce [gon is marcius]
By apence a-parence aprilis wt hono
with honour passed is aprilis
in cancer titan~ is gouernoure
and gos in her tyme when comen~ is her houre <blank line follows>
*<2 letters> jn geminis is ioyned the qwene celest
and man wt moralites procedithe after the same
Junius the jeugell he settes in the est
and biddes apere taurus by his name
Julius the joifull for he wold her~ no blame
and to leone has takyn~ his flight
augustus & phebus in virgine is light
<fol. 93vb>¶ fare-well yt was my lef so dere
& fro her that loued you so well
ye wer~ my lef from yere
wheder j wer~ yours j con not tell
To you j haue byn~ trew & lell
at all tymes vnto this day
& now j say fare-well fare-welle
j tak my lef for euer & ay
¶ youre lof for-soth ye haue not lost
if ye loued me j loued you jwys
Bot that j put you to gret cost
yerfor~ j haue you~ clipt & kist
bot now my luf j most nedus sesse
& tak me to hym~ that me has tan
yerfore tak ye anoyer wher ye list
j gif you good lef sertayn
¶ Gif ye me licence to <robbins reads here do> the same
this tokyn truly j you <be smudged> tak
jn remenbrance of my n<smudged>me
Send me a tokyn for my sake
wheder it be send erly or late
J shall it kepe for old qwayntenanc~
& now to crist j you betake
to saue & kepe in whert & sance
<smaller handwriting but not as neat as the earlier>J pray you m<circled> to me be tru
for j will be tru as longe as j lif
j wil not change you for old ne newe
ne neuer lof oyer whiles yt j lif
and ye be auiset yis oyer yere
ye send me a letter of luf so dere
j was as glad of your~ writynge
as euer j was of any thynge
for j was sek the day be-fore
that letter heyled j was sek no mor~
m<circled> in space comes fortune & grace
j trist hit so for to be
yt it shall li3t on you & me
m<circled> be stidfast & tru in tho3t
For lof is the swetter the der yt it is bo3t
& m<circled> j hope securly
the is non yt byes it so dere as we
& in what place so euer ye be
as oft as ye wil ye shall me yer se
yerfor be ye tru tru // or ellis sore i mun it rew
<across entire folio in small handwriting> be <2 words> stidfast & [also] true
For <yen sore> j wyl not chang~ for old new
and as we may not to-geder spek / be writynge we shall oure hertes breke
<fol. 94ra>O ye my emperice & j your seruaunt yis to you j say
my dre derist qwene the whiche is makeles
my lady most louely me thynkes yis is no nay
my maistres my make to me ye show gret kyndenes
ye are to me meke & myld & mere of chere
ye are as bri3t of ble as blossom~ on brere
ye are swetter then the flores to me most swete
ye are the louelist in my hert & mere to mete
O my glorious lady clad myche in grene
the feirest to me swetest yt euer was borne
wtt velwet & tires on her hed weres j wene
wt gloues white foure houles on hom corne~
ye be so full of beaute & also of chere
ye haue me rauesshed & my hert takyn aright~
youre here hit shynes as any gold wire
youre for-hed white & broes Ful bri3t
O ye my fressh floure of all flores
o my red rose full of beaute & feyrenes
o my maid my myrthe & my reches
¶ my louely lady swetter then spices
¶ ¶ O my lof & my lady swetter then licorice
o my pure hert before all men loue [ye] me
my-n+ane precious papyngay of paradice
let me wt my-n+armes ones klipe you
¶ O youre een bri3t & as gray as glase
youre lippus be rede youre chek lik a chere
youre coloure so white & comly in the face
that ye feirest of alle the world me thynk ye be
¶ O the opkest of youre faire een cleues my hert
when ye loke so faire & smyle opon me
j wold ye wist how mekyll it gladid my hert
j know welle by youre loke yt ye loue me
¶ O my dere swete-hert thynk ye on me
for ye are my emperice my qwene my lady so dere
Mi mastres my mirthe my joy & my lille
my hert my tho3t my conselor clere
¶ ye may be croned wt a crone for a louer trew
For j wot wele ye loue me by your~ tokens sendynge
yerfore j wil not change you for old ne newe
for ye are as tru as a turtill-doue in true louynge
¶ ye are my emperice make me an an emperour~
ye are my qwene mak me a kynge
ye are my lady mak me a lord of honour
ye are my mastres my dere & my derly swetyng~
ye be my precious ston~ my sperhauk my brid so swete
My throstill my ny3tgale yt may my soros ses
o ye my hert be ye stidfast & trulofe & kepe
ye are my trist my tresoure ye may be cald kyndenes
<written above last half-line> thynk wele on yis
<fol. 94rb>Go litull bill & command me hertely
vnto her yt j call my trulof & lady
be this same tru tokynnynge
that sho se me in a+kirk on a+friday in a+mornyg~
wt a sperhauk on my hand
& my mone did by her stond
& an old womon sete her by
that litull cold of curtesy
& oft on her her sho did smile
to loke on me for a wile
& yet be this an oyer token~
to the kirk sho comme wt a gentilwomon
euen~ be-hynd the kirk dore
thay kneled bothe on the flore
& fast thay did pitur patur
j hope thay said matens to-geder
yet ones or twyes at the lest
Sho did on me her ee kest
then went j forthe preuely
& haylsed on thaym curtesly
be alle the tokens truly
comand me to her hertely

<Tranche 2>

<fol. 101v><line 14> Fortescu
Who-.-so will be wise in purchasynge
Considre the poyntis yt byn suynge
Se that the seller be of age
And that it be in no morgage
Se wheder the lond be bond or fre
and se the reles of euery feffe
loke what white rent yerof most go
and what seruyce that longes yerto
loke wheder it meueth of a weddit woman
for her dede aveileth nat yen@ <blank line follows>
Loke wheder yerof a taille may be fonde
And wheder it stond in statute bond
And if thou will be war & wise
Se that thi charter be made of warandice
And wheder it be lond lordeshipe or housyng~
To that ther longes dyuerse payynge
And thus shuld a wise purcheser do
be-hold all thynges that longes yerto
& if thow~ a wise purcheser be
Jn x yere day thou shalt a-gayn the money see
<fol. 104r>When@ feith failes in prestes sawe3
& lordes wylles ben~ holden for lawes
& robbery cald purchace
& lechery yerby solace
yen shall ye londe of Albion~
turne into confusion@
<fol. 106r>And neuer J+mot do that thynge
that shuld the in~ any wise displese
Ihesu yat arte heyven~ kynge
Sothefast god & mon~ also
yeve me grace of good endynge
And hem~ that J am~ holdyn~ to
Jhesu for thi dilfull teeres
that thov grettest for my gilt
here & spede my prayeris
& spare me that J be not spilt
Jhesu for hom~ J the beseche
that wrathen~ the in~ any wise
withe-hold from~ hom yi hond of wrethe
& let hom~ lif in~ thi seruice
Jhesu ioifull forto sene
to thi Santes euerichon~
Compford hom~ yat carefull bene
& yay yat be wo-be-gon~
Jhesu kepe yt byn~ gode
amend hom~ yt haue greued the
& send men~ frutes of hertely fode
as iche mon~ nedes in~ his degre
Jhesu yt arte wt-outen~ lesse
almyghty god in~ trinite
Sees the werres & send vs peace
withe lastynge loue & charite
Jhesu that art gostely stoon~
of all holy chirche in erde
Brynge the foldes floke in one
& reule hom~ rightly wt on~ herd
Jhesu for thi blisfull blode
Brynge the saules into blisse
For whome J haue had any good
And spare that thei haue don~ amys
<lat>Explicit liber quod</lat> . humfrey n
<fol. 106v>On clife yat castell so knetered
as cloude vmbe knagged & knatered
Bilde is on brynke yt is betered
Bigg~ wt no brond may+be batered <blank line follows>
withe tusshess & tagges so tatered
yat hille wt hurnotes vmbe hetered
Full hydously is hagged & hatered
withe slifters & slughters vmb sletered <blank line follows>
who slippis his slugh is for-slatered
who clymbes yt clif on~ so knetered
Cleue lest be his cors as all for-clatered
wt cragge <disappears into binding> <blank line follows>
two wardes wt-Jnne wight
That price place has pight
At day wacche ouer dight
no wild ˆ [wynd] is so wild yt it <disappears into binding> <blank line follows>
Wyntre that snartely snewes
And snappes vs wt mony snartte snawes
Js gurde oute & gon~ wt her gewes
That mony gome be gloponed wt glawes
¶ The swete somer seyson~ that sewes
Miche salace to the segges hit sawes
To herken~ the hunt howe he hewes
& halows his hound3 wt hawˆ[e]s
The brome & the blossu~ it blewes
so blithe is the breth that her blawes
The likynge of louers it lewes
þat listen~ to layke by the lawes
Rise vp wt-out any rewes
Arayke downe radly by [ye] rawes
And stele to thi steyuen~ by stewes
Jn strynd or jn stide yer it stawes
And mete wt yt mayde~ in mewes
And medell wt yt meeke wt her mawes
Let her not for-thrast the wt threwes
Wt her threpe ne be thilge the wt thawes
For at that tyme if ho tas treweesse
& taries the till eft wt her trawes
ho will for-cast the wt her knewes
And come no more to clayme as thow knows
<fol. 107r>¶ Therfore that birde if thou bewes
And buxumly in yi armes yu bawes
leese not the whene yof ho whewes
wt a whip+hey & war nowe yof ho whawes
And thof ho thries threte ye thewes
Ne be ho neuer so throe wt hir thrawes
kleche her euen~ vpt to thi klewes
For a koyntise while ho yi bak klowes <blank line follows>
For while somer foles synges
loue spreydes and sprynges
and iche man~ mynges
to medel his make to
and to teche hir yt connot for to tak to