<County: Cheshire>
<Code: L1325>
<MS reference: Chester, Cheshire Record Office, Acc.181/4>
<Text: Lease>

Jn all so þer as was a-corde made by-twene Richard of yo
Greneway and Thomlyn his sonn and his ayre on ye ton
party and Rog~ of downus Rog~ sonn of ye downus of ye tother party
of certayne londes and tenementes lying~ in Someford and
couenaundes and certaune rent paying by a-corde by-twne hom~
xiij sn iiij d yat is [to] wyt at Missomur and at martynmasse by euu~ porcoun
yche 3ere diryng ye lyfe of ye same Rog~ of downus ye 3onger and of
yat same londes do to be payde and yf so be-falle yat þay ye forsayde
Richard of Greneway and his ayre be by-hynde of ye forsayde xiij sn
and iiij d in parte other in alle yt yay at ye forsayde termes þt yen by consent
of Ric~ and his ayre yt ht be wel lawfull to ye Same Rog~ and his ayre into
ye forsayde londes & tenementes for to entur wt-outon any storbanse other
a3ayne sayng~ of ye partes by-for-sayde and þis corde was not haldonn & parcel of
ye payment is be-hynde yer-to Berus wytnes Johnn haryson Johnn ye ward
Somurford Raundphus Swetenham de Somurford here-to we seston <sic> oure