<County: Cheshire>
<Code: L1326>
<MS reference: Chester, Cheshire Record Office, Acc.181/5>
<Text: Lease>

To all maner of men~ that this recorde wreton@ heron@ and sene be-cause that hyt is an almes
dede & grete meretory for to recorde ye trouthe and bere trewe wyttenes hyt is for to wytte
and fully to be knowen that a-corde was made by sir hugh of ye holes knyght and geuen~ by in
dentur~ be-twene Richard of Greneway and Dumlyn hys sonn and hys hayre on that on partie
and Rog~ sonn to Rog~ of ye Dounes on that other partie of certayne londes and tenementes lying~ in
Somurford and couenaundus and certen rent paying~ by that a-corde be-twene homm that is for to wytte
xiij sn and iiij d at yo festus of Missomur and Martynmasse by euen porcions yche a 3ere dyring ye lyf <ill><1-2 words></ill> of yo
same Rog~ of yo Dounes ye 3onger and of yat some lond to be payde and yf so be-falle that ye<?> for-sayde
Rychard of yo Greneway and hys hayre be by-hynde yo for-sayde xiij sn and iiij d parte other in all <ill><one word></ill> ye
for-sayde termes that yen be <ill><one word></ill> of Rychard and hys hayre that hyt be wele lefull <ill><1 word></ill> ye <ill><1 word></ill>
other a3ayne saying~ of yo partes be-fore-sayde and thys corde was not holdon@ ne performet and parcell
of ye payment is be-hynde <ill><1-2 words></ill> yen ye sayde Rog~ of yo Dounes wenne yo corde was broku@ entered
in-to hys lond and he toke hys <ill><1 word></ill> of yo same lond yo qwych were hys one at Martynmasse be-fore
wenne he deed at yo crystunmasse yen Next suyng~ a threwyk he laye seke er he deed on hys
one grount and yen he remewet theyen and yen deed wt thre dayus aftur that Jacke harisonn
that was hys tenant was be-hynde ij sn of hys rent Jac harysonn and hys wyff wentonn yedur to bery hym
and broght hym hys rent and yus paydon hym this ij sn a wyndyng~ schete yo price of xviij d and vj d of siluerwt yt
and other more berytton@<?> hym of hys one gode yer-to that this is trewe berus wyttenes Fynian haconay that w<?>s
hys next neghbur forte wyntur Robynet of Smethwyk Jankyn of Baggelegh Jac hegesonn hugh steuard Robart leper Robyn
of westull<?> Jankyn of Dounes Jankyn Made3ew Nicholas Cartwry3t Richard atkynsonn Dumlyn Masonn Alex~ Jessonn wylkyn<?>
of <?> herto we haue set oure seellus jn presence of john of Dauenport Perkyn of wylbrame will<ill><rest of the line></ill>
and Jynkyn Spenser Mayre of Congulton@ al-so <ill><two words></ill> berus wyttenes