<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L0107>
<MS reference: Whitehaven, Cumbria Record Office, DCU/4/178>
<Text: Lease>

Thys Jndentur made at wyrkyngton@ in ye Fest of Saynt Michaelis Arcangell ye yer~ off our~ lourd god Ml . CCCC . xxxv . be-twene . ser
Cristofir of Curwen~ Chr . lourd of Canyell & Cane on~ ye . tane party & Thomas Clapham gentyllman~ on~ ye toyer party . Bers wyttnas yt ye
Forsayde ser Cristofir hase sett & to Ferme latyn@ ye lourdschyp of Canyell & Cane wt all ye appurtenance to ye Forsayde Thomas fra ye date
of thys pressent Jndentur for ye terym of . vij . yer~ next Foluyng For ye quylk lourdschyp ye forsayde Thomas sall pay yerly to ye forsayde ser
Cristofir . hys ayrys or hys assyngneis . C . marc~ off Jnglysch mone outtakyn~ . xx . Frankys at Sertane teryms yt es For to say . xl . li at ye Feste off
Martynmes next Foluyng efftyr ye Date of yis pressent Jndenture outakyn~ . x . Frankys . and xl . Marc~ in ye Feste off Quytsonday next Foluyng effter yatt outakyn~
. x . Frankys & so for to be payitt yerly in ye Castell off Canyell Jnduryng ye terym~ of . vij . yer~ Forsayde . And att ye Forsayde Thomas sall stand wt all maner of Charges
gyffyn & grantitt be-For~ thys tyme . as wele ye kepyng of ye Castell & ye lourdschyp Forsayde . wt all maner off Seruyse yt lengys to ye kyng or to any othyr officer~ outakyn
ye pleis of ye Jnerytance yt pertenys to ye Forsayde lordschyp & ye reparacoun of ye Castell & yt reparacoun be made by ye syght & by ye . avise of ye Forsayde Thomas william Curett
& John de laport For to be done in ye moste essy wyse yt may be done & for ye moste profett to ye Forsayde ser Cristofir And iff itt happyn~ yt william off Curwen~ dee . as
god itt forbede yt he de . or iff he will relese hys patent off . xl . frankes to ye Forsayde ser Cristofir ye quylk yt ye Forsayde Thomas es chargitt to pay to ye Forsayde
william yt yan ye Forseyde Thomas sall pay ye . xl . frankes yerly to ye forsayde ser Cristofir <exp>yerly</exp> oute ouer ye . c . Marc~ Forsayde . All-so iff ye Franche men conques or wyn~
ye <ill><1 word></ill> off Cause so yt ye Forsayd Thomas may noght reioyse noght off ye lordschyp yt yan~ ye Forsayde ser Cristofer sall abate by hys awyn discrecoun of ye Sowm<possible ending not visible>
Forsayde as hym~ thynk at risson~ wyll And all-so att ye Forsayde Thomas sall make na waste wt-in ye forsayde lourdschyp <ill><7-8 words></ill>
ye forsayde ser Cristofir & to hys moste proffett . And iff so be yt any man~ trispays wt-in ye Forsayde lourdschyp in ye woddys yt yan att yay be <ill><ca. 4 words></ill> of ye forssayde<?>
lourdschyp & ye Fynys & ye amercimentes & ye taxacounis of ye woddys sall be effynly proporcounitt & delt be-twene ye Forsayde ser Cristofir & Thomas . And mor~-ouer ye
Forsayde ser Cristofir grantes to ye Forsayd Thomas . a maner of seruyse awand to ye Forsayde ser Cristofir of hys nobyll tenantes yt es For to say of euer-ilk kneght<writing unclear for last two words>
<2 words> . xl . dayse For to ryde wt ye forsayde ser Cristofir lourd of Caniell or wt hys Capitain~ ye quylk seruys he grantes to ye Forsayd Thomas iff he be <ill><1 word, perhaps requeritt></ill>
be ye kyng or hys lieutenant resonabilly . And For ye mar~ surte of aythyr party Forsayde to all <ill><1 word></ill> condicouns & conandys to Fullfyll ye partys Forsayd byndys
yayme & yayr~ ayrys & yayr~ executores changabilly by yis dede . Jn wittnas of thys ye partys Forsayde to yir partys of yir Jndenturs changabilly hase set yayre
sellys Made at ye place day & yer~ Forsayd