<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L0117>
<MS reference: Carlisle, Cumbria Record Office DSTAN/21>
<Text: Award>

To all cristyn~ pepill whilk this present writyng~ indentit sall see or here Johnn Hodeleston~ ˆ [of Millom@] Squyer~ sendes gretyng in god euer~lastyng~
: and for als mekyll as there has ben~ controuercye discorde & variaunce betwix Thomas Stanelowe son~ & heir~ to Nicholl
Stanelowe Squyer on~ the ton~ pertie ; and Richard Gybson~ son~ & here to Wylliam Gybson~ & Margaret that was the wyf of Richard
Gybson@ graunsir to ye said Richard on~ ye toyer partie for certen~ landes & tenementes with ye appurtenaunce whilk late wer~ Thomas
Gybson@ fader~ to ye said Richard ye graunsir~ bid<?> the whilk the same Thomas somtym~ had of the gyft<?> & feffement of Thomas
Stanelowe graunsir to ye said Thomas Stanelowe betwix Esk & Boden~ in ye Countee of Cumbreland of the whilk als keld the
said Thomas the son~ with sufficeant suretee with hym~ as the said Richard ye son~ with sufficeant suretee with hym@ for
hym@ & the said Margarete . arr~ bunden~ aithir to othir~ be thair~ seuerell oblicacouns in C li to abide & fulfill the ordynaunce
dome & awarde of me the said John@ Arbitrour~ indifferently chosen~ be the said perties ; wete ye that J the said John@ ye xviij day
of April the yere of the reigne of kyng~ Henry yt vjte . xxxvij at Millom~ takyng~ apon~ me to make ordynaunce dome & awarde
betwix the said perties in ye maters beforesaid callet thaym~ before me & herd than~ bothir~ compleyntes grefeaunce answers &
replicacouns as it was behouely & expedient in that pertie ; the whilk be me conceyuet herd & wele vnderstand ˆ [orden~ deme & awarde] the said Richard
ye son~ & Margaret to haue to thaym~ . the heires & assignes of the said Richard ye son~ all the landes & tenementes abouesaid
with þe appurtenaunce . except a tenement with þe appurtenaunce callet akyrlawe wt-in~ ˆ [age of said kyng~ in ye holm@<?> of wyll kytchyn@] and that the said Thomas the son@ make
the said Richard ye son~ & Margaret als sure of all the landes & tenementes abouesaid except before except as thay can~ be
made be the auyce of thair~ counsell apon~ thair~ awn~ cost ; and also that the same Thomas Stanelowe delyuer~ or make
te be delyueret to the said Richard ye son~ or his assignes the taill by the whilk the said Thomas the son~ claymet
the said landes . furthwith or wt-in xiiij daies next after~ this myn~ awarde 3euen~<?> ; also J orden~ deme & awarde the said
Thomas Stanelowe ye son~ to haue to hym~ his heires & his assignes for euermore the said tenement with ye appurtenaunce
callet akyrlawe with ye ˆ [said acre of land] and that the said Richard þe son~ & Margaret make the same Thomas als sure of þe same tenement
as he can~ be made be auice of his counsell apo<text lost behind seal> cost Jn witnes wherof to this myn@ awarde J haue set my