<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L0355>
<MS reference: Carlisle, Cumbria Record Office, D/Lons/L/Deeds/Lowther 116>
<Text: Marriage settlement>

Thys indenture made at keswyke the xxvij die of janur~ in 3e 3ere of ye reign of kynge henry ye xijth ye xvijth by-thwyx ser hugh lowthre knyght opon@ ye one party & ser
Thomas Curwen@ of wyrkyngton knyght opon~ the tother partye witnesse3 yt ye said parties Ar Agreyt & accouandyt in maner & fourme as folowes yt is to say that john
lowthre Son~ & heyre Aperand to the said ser hugh lowthre schall wed & wt ye grace of god take to wyffe lucie doghter to the said ser Thomas Curwen affore ye fest of ye
Natiuate of our~ <rbd><add>lord Gode</add></rbd> <gap> next efter ye date heroff if ye licence ther-to necessarie may be+gyttyn at ye coste3 of the parties egally borne Affore ye
Said die Also ye said hugh com<?> fourty dies next efter ye espowsels had & solemnypt by-thwyx ye said John lowthre & lucie schall infeffe or make to be infeffyt
ye said John & lucie & to ye heyre3 of ye said John body begottyn@ in landes & tenates to ye 3ely valow of twenty pond sterlynges ouer all cherge3 & reprise3 wtin ye counte3 of Cumbreland
& westmerland Also ye said hugh schall no Alienacon~ make of ony landes or tenates yt he hays or may haue in tyme to come ˆ [by discent] or ony other to hys vse so at ye said John may
efter ye decesse of ye said ser hugh inherite all ye said landes & tenates at ye said ser hugh hays or schall haue by discent for the whylke weddyng & feffement delyueryng
the said ser Thomas Curwen@ schall pay or make to be paid to the said ser hugh lowthre & hys Assigneys four hundreth & fourty marce3 of lawfull Jnglesse
money in maner & fourme As folowes that is to say at ye die of weddyng of ye said John & lucie A hundreth marce3 sterlynges & at ye fest of ye pureficacon@ of our
lady or wtin vj dies next after yan for to come next folowyng x li sterlinges & at ye fest of lammes callyt Advincle yan next after or wtin vj dies next folowyng
x li sterlinges And so furth 3er~ly & termely to the some of ye said four hundreth & fourty marce3 be fully payt & content Also ye said hugh grante3 yt if ye
said lucie deiesse As god defend wtowtyn~ issue ˆ [beyng on lyve] yat yan all such paymentes as er vnpayt at yat tyme [& ye die of payment not comme] cesse & be no more asket ne payt And for-eueer
& x li of ye <rbd></rbd> iiij hundreth & xl marce3 ye said ser Thomas Curwen wt sufficiant souerte wt+hym schal+be bondon by seuerall obligacon@ for paymet of the
same as is affore said Moreouer Ayther party schal+haue ye rewyll & gouernance of yer awne childe iij 3ere3 next after ye said espowsels wt ye feffement
egally to be devydyt by-thwyx the said parties duryng ye said iij 3ere3 & yan ye said john & lucie entre & occopye yer said feffement to þer vse &
<ill><1 word></ill> & to bere þer charge<?> And to all þer condiconns & couandes wele & trewly to be parfourmyt & beryt ayther partye byndes yaym to other wt sufficiand
souerte wt+yaym in fyve hundreth ponde3 sterlinges jn witnes wheroff to ye parties of yis indenture ayther partye interchangabely hays set yer seall
gyffen@ ye die 3ere & place affore-said