<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L1144>
<MS reference: Carlisle, Cumbria Record Office, D/Mus/Penrith/Medieval Deeds>
<Text: Gift>

Be it knawyn~ to all men beyng present and for to be that J william Stapilton hase geuyn and graunt & my charter indente confermert to
Robert herrison of Penreth ane tenement with ye gartheyng to ye same ten~ lyand ye qwilke J haue of ye feffment of Richard Johnson lyeng
by-twens the landes of saide William Stapilton apon ye south parti . and ye landes of syr~ Nicoll Radclyff knyght Apon the North
parti Also aprapr~ nere ye Bek qwilke J had of ye gyft<?> and feffment of Robert Tailliour lyand by-twyx aprapr of John of hoton apon ye North+parti
and a prapr~ of Thom~ Alanson apon the Southparti to haue and to hald ye forsaid ten@ gartheyng & ye prapr~stur~ with thair~ apurtenans to
ye forsaide Robert herryson his Ayres and to his assignes for euermore . of ye chefe lorde of ye fee by ye seruys dew aghte and Acustom . gyffand
3erly to said William Stapilton his ayreys and to his assignes . xxj . d at ye festis of Saynt Martyn~ and wyssunday be euyn~
porcions . And if it so happyn at ye said 3erly rent in part or all to be vnpayed by a quart~ of A 3er~ efter any terme by-fore
rehersyd yt than it sall be leful to ye saide William Stapilton his ayres & his assignes in ye forsaid tenementes for to distreue vnto
ye tyme yt thaye be satisfied and fully payed . And if it so happyn yt ye said 3erly rent be vn-payed in parte or all by one
hole 3er efter~ ye terme aboue rehersyd yt than it sall be lefull to ye saide William Stapilton his ayres & to his assignes
in to all the forsaide tenementes garthyng prapristur~ with all thayre Apurtenans for to reentre and in thayr~ fyrst Astate
to halde noght-withstandyng yis indentur~ . And also if it so happyn the forsaide Robert herryson his Ayres & his assignes to
remoue or to take Awaye any maner of houseyng bygyng or tymber~ fro ye saide tenementes efter thaye bebyg-it . Att
than it schall be lefull to ye forsaide William Stapilton his Ayres & his assignes for to enter~ and to stande in thayr~
fyrst Astate as by-fore es rehersed . And J ye forsaid William Stapilton and myn~ Ayres all ye forsaide tenementes
garthyng prapr with all thayr~ Appurtenans to ye forsaide Robert herryson his Ayreys & his assignes in manere and
fourme abouue saide Agayne all men warrandes and defendes Jn to wyttnes her~of to ye parties of yis
Indentur~ Ayther parti enterchaungeabilly to other~ hase putt to thayre seillys gevyn~ at Penreth