<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L1145>
<MS reference: Carlisle, Cumbria Record Office, D/Penn/28 no 20 (Bretby Bundle)>
<Text: Lease>

Thys indentour . made etwyx Sir John of Penyngton~ knyght of ye taa partye and Nicholl Baaroun of ye toyer partye . Berys
wyttenes yt ye forsaid sir John~ has sett & lattyn~ to ferme to ye saide Nicholl ye halfe Mydelton~ Place in ye town~ of
Brytteby all except ye nethyrmelys ye whilke ye saide Sir John~ had be ye feefament of ye saide Nicholl & Johannett
his wyfe to ye tereme of. lx yhere next folowynge yis wrytynge be fulfillyd ; yt es to sai~ to ye said Nicholl and Johannet
ye wyfe of ye saide Nicholl or ye langer lifand of yaim twa . for ye whylk saide place ye saide Nicholl has giffen
& confermyd / by his charter~ to ye saide Sir John~ and his ayres for euermore thre tenemente3 in~ ye town of Seeton~ wt
all yere apourtenaunce yt es to sai ye tenement in hysemore ye whylke es in~ ye haldynge of Robyn~ of ye hall Also
/ Dame Johan land ye whylk lyes in~ ye haldynge of Nicholl Wilson~ Johnson~ . And also another land yt es in ye haldynge of
John~ Richardson~ And also it es agreeytt be ye said partyes yt ye sayd Nicholl sall haue durant ye tereme to ye saide Mydelton~
place house boote and hay boote and yt at es laufull & necessary at ye delyueraye of ye forst~ or ye warier of ye saide sir
John~ And also ye said Nicholl sall be demenyd & iustefyed be ye saide Sir John~ in all wyse as his tenaunt and as
his tenante3 emyll Eske and doden~ er Also ye said Nicholl sall pay yherly to ye said Sir ˆ [Jonh] or his ayres or his assingneys
iij s vij d at ij termys in ~ye yhere be eny porcyouns And also all oyer chargys yt lyes yer-on And also ye saide Nicholl sall
noght sett ne laate vn-to no man ye forsaide place ne no percenell yer-of durant ye tereme be-fore-saide wt-outen ye assent
of ye forsaide Sir John~ And also be itt knawyn~ be yees prent indentours als tochynge for ye thre tenemente3 in ye town~ of
Seeton~ be-fore-saide / ye saide sir John~ sall pay to ye for-sayd Nicholl . viij Marc~ of lawful mony of yngeland yt es
to sai ij Marc~ at yis wrytynge and ij Marc~ at whytt+sonday next folowand and yen iiij Marc~ at ye feest of Saynt
Martyne next after yt com~ a+twelmonth And at yees condicounns be trewly fulfillyd and in bath ye saide partyes vphaldyn~
ayther till oyer and tyll yees punte3 has settyn seel Gifen~ at Cornay xxiij day of Janur~ in~ ye yhere of ye Reynge
of kyenge henry ye sext next after+ye conquest of yngland xvij