<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L1182>
<MS reference: Kendal, Cumbria Record Office, WD/Ry/92/107>
<Text: Lease>

This indentour mayd at penreth ye xxiiij day of ye moneth of Apprile ye xxiij 3er~ of ye reng~ of kyng~
Edward and ye 3er~ of our~ lorde ml cccc lxxxiij be-twix John whitfeld esqwyer on yt one partie And Johnn
Flemyg~ ye 3onger esqwyer on yt oder partie . witnesses yt ye parties er agreyd vnder ye forme folowyng~ yt is to say
yt John@ whitfeld hes grauntyd and to ferme lattyn to ye said Johnn Flemyng~ halfe ye maner of Rydalle and
lowghryg~ wt all yer appurtenance duryng~ ye life of ye said John whitfeld payng~ 3erly yer for~ to ye said Johnn
whitfeld x li of lawfull mony of Jngland and it to be payd in penreth at ye Festes of whissontyd and
mertynmes be evyn porcions And if ye whissonday ferme be vnpayd at lammes And ye mertynmes farme
at Candylmes . than it sall be leffull to ye said John~ whitfeld to enter in & on ye said halfe of ye maner of
Rydalle & loghryg~ wt ye appurtenance And ye said John~ Flemyg~ to pay to gyrsu~ at ye day of makyng~ of yis
present to ye said John~ whitfeld ix li ye whilke is trewly payd afor~ recorde in penreth And also ye said
John~ Flemyg~ to stande wt all charges excepte recouere be ye law And also at ye said John~ whitfeld sall hafe
a copy of euere deyd yt John~ Flemyg~ has of yer inheretaunnce And ye said John~ whitfeld to hafe fredom
to hawke to hunte fissch & fewle wt-in ye lordeschipe Jn witnes her-of ayder partie to vder enterchangyng~ hes
set to yer seeylles . giffyn ye day place & ye 3er~ aboyne wirtyn .