<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L1184>
<MS reference: Kendal, Cumbria Record Office, WD/Ry/92/93>
<Text: Award>

To all cristen@ men whilke this present writyng~ sall see or Here J Thomas Lorde Egremond sendis gretyng~ in oure Lord Wete ye yt where there has+bene discord & variaunce betwix Dame Alis late
late ye wife of henry Threnkeld knyght~ apon@ ton@ partie And Lawncelott Threnkelt son@ & heire to ye said ser henry apon@ tother partie for certeyn landes & tenementes whilk ye said Dame Alis claymett Agayns
ye saide Lawncelott in ye Counte of Cumbr~ & westmerl~ for ˆ [whilke] variaunce ye saide parties arr bunden be ˆ [theire] obligacons aither till other and were bodely sworne Apon@ A booke in ye presens of me ye saide Lorde Thomas Curwen@
knyght Henry Fenwyk knyght John@ Ponyngton@ knyght william Martyndale knyght John@ Huddilston@ John@ Broghton@ william Lee John@ Eglesfeld Henry Belyngeham John@ Swynburn@ Squyere & other
to obeye & fulfill therin ye ordinaunce & Award of me ye said Lorde ; there J ye Vij day of Januar~ ye yere of ye reigne of kyng~ Henry ye sext after ye conquest of yngland xxxj ordenys & awardis be ye
assent & grement of ye saide parties ye saide Lawncelet to make ye saide Dame Alis <gap (erased?)> sure terme of hirr life be ye Auyse of hirr counsaill of All ye landes & tenementes with ye appurtenance specifiet in A
fyn@ reret betwix Roger Croft Vikar of ye kirke of Crosby+rauynsworth in ye Counte of westmerl~ apon@ ton@ partie And ye saide ser Henry & Dame Alis apon@ tother partie in Thrynkeld in ye Counte of Cumbr~
& Yanewith in ye Counte of westmerl~ And if ye saide Landes & tenementes in yanewith specifiet in ye fyn@ beforesaid be noght yerly worth xx marke ouer all charges & reprises then J Award ye
said Lawncelott to make ye saide Dame Alis sure for terme of hirr life be ye auyse of hirr counsaill of landes & tenementes of Als+mykill yerly value ouer ye charges as ye said landes & tenementes specifiet
in ye fyn@ in yanewith lakkis of ye somme yerly of xx marke Also J awarde ye saide Lawncelott to make sure to ye saide Dame Alis for terme of hirr life be ye auyse of hirr counsaill of landes & tenementes
in Threnkeld comprehendid in A dede of feffement~ made to ye saide ser Henry & Dame Alis be Rawland lofe prest & william Threnkeld to ye yerly value of V marke ouer ye charges other then arr comprehended
in ye fyn@ aforesaid Also J ordeyn@ & award ye saide Lawncelott neuer to vexe inquiett nor put oute ye saide Dame Alis nor hirr Assignes claymyng~ any title in ye saide Landes & tenementes nor no parcell
yerof in his awen@ right nor in ye right of any other person@ or persons duryng~ ye terme of hirr Life Also J ˆ [ordeynn &] award yt if it happyn@ ye saide Lawncelett hereafter be recouerer or lawfull entre to haue any landes
& tenementes yt sum-tyme were ser John@ Fretheby in ye Counte of Yorke or any landes or tenementes in ye pariche of vllisby Bolton@ or Grayrigg~ in ye Counte of westmerl~ & Cumbr~ that then ye said Dame
Alis sall be made sure for terme of hirr life of ye iijde partie of ye saide landes & tenementes be ye said Lawncelot if ye said Dame Alis satisfie or content ye said Lawncelott of ye iijde partie of ye costages
lawfull & resonable whilke ye said Lawncelott sall ligg~ downe for ye said Landes & tenementes whilke sall happyn@ hym@ to haue be ye saide entre or recouerere And also J ordeyn@ & award ye saide
Lawncelot to pay to ye saide Dame Alis within Vij dayes next after ye date of this indenture xj li xiij s~ iiij d for ye fermes yt sho shuld haue takyn@ at Martynmas last passid ˆ [of landes & tennt3 comprehendid in this said award] And also
J award ye said Dame Alis to extient all hirr right in all other landes & tenementes ˆ [noght comprehendid in this award] whilke at any tyme were ye said ser Henris be ye auyse & counseill of ye saide Lawncelott And also J
ordeyn@ & Award yt ye saide Dame Alis delyuer to ye saide Lawncelott all ye ˆ [dedes &] euidens yt sho has in hirr gouernaunce or kepyng~ concernyng~ ye enheritaunce of ye saide Lawncelott except thase dedes
& euidens yt ye said Dame Alis has & till hirr Langis & apertenys bycause of ye possession@ of ye Landes & tenementes Aboue specifiet~ Jn witnes of whilke thyng~ to this present writyng~
J haue sett my seal