<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L1189>
<MS reference: Kendal, Cumbria Record Office, WDEC/2>
<Text: Enfeoffment>

This indentur~ made at Penreth ye x . day of Julij . ye yere of kyng henr~ ye sext ye xiiijte betwyn@ william Thornburgh squyer~ on the ta partie & Thomas of
Burgham ye elder on the tother~ partie beres witnes at it is accordit betwen@ ye said parties at ye forsaid william sall infeffe two prestes in
Fee Symple be a letter of attourne dirette to certen person@s at ye denominacon@<single macron> of ye said Thomas of & in al the landes & tenement3 rent3 & seruices
medowys woddys & wastys with yer Appurtenant3 whilk ye said william has or had in the ton@ of Burgham And at ye said william & Elienore
his wife sal laste a fyne in the kynges Court of al the said land & tenement3 to ye said feffes or ellis to ye said Thomas to yaim & to
yer heirs & yer assignes be-for Michelmesse come A twolmagh@ & at yt dame katerin of lancastre ser John@ Bullen preste & a-nother~ preste with
yaim yo quilk pretend yaim to be infeffed in ye same landes sal relesse Al the right yt yai hafe in ye said landes to ye said feffes
be-for the forsaid fest of Michelmesse And at ye said william & dame katerine sal deliuere to ye said Thomas al the dedes moniment3
& al maner of euidence at yei hafe or had in yer kepyng~ & in yer possession@ with-outyn fraude or gyle be-for ye said fest of Michelmesse
For the quilk Articles couenand & condicouns for to be treuly persounefid & fulfillid of ye forsaid william partie in ye maner & fourme abon@
rehersid ye said william John@ Manchell Yonger~ & Robert Roche ern bondyn to ye said Thomas be ther~ obligacon@ of iiijxx marc~ for the
quilk feffement fyne relesse euidence & moniment~ to be deliuerd to ye said Thomas & ye said Thomas sal pay to ye forsaid william xl li of mone
in hand & sal be bundyn be his obligacon@ made to ye said william for to pay hym other~ xl li with-in a Moneth efter~ ye forsaid Fest of
Michelmesse so yt al yer articles couenand & condicouns abon@ rehersid be treuly fulfillid on ye forsaid william partie in ye maner & fourme
Abon@ rehersid with-outyn fraude or gile And ellys ye said william will & grauntis be this present indentur~ at ye said obligacon@
of xl li made be ye said Thomas to ye said william be voide & of na value Jn witnes of ye quilk thyng ye said parties to ye parties of yis
indentur~ enterchangeabely has set to yer~ seals Sater-day plase & yere abon@ writtyn