<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L1249b>
<MS reference: Carlisle, Cumbria Record Office, D/Lons/L/Deeds/Askham 68>
<Text: Condition of obligation>

Condicon of yis obligacon is yis yt if Thomas Sandefurth abo<?>e wyrtyn stand & obey dome <ill><c. 1-2 words></ill>
a-warde of henr~ hoton will Salkeld wil3am <ill><c. 3-4 words></ill> of depedale of <ill><c. 2-3 words></ill>
acconns qwarels trispace demandes debates <ill><1 word></ill> contrauersie reall & percynell deth of <ill><c. 2-3 words></ill>
or meved at law or by the law be-twix <ill><c. 1-2 words></ill> sayde Thomas Sandfurth on yt on party & <ill><c. 2-3 words></ill>
on yt other~ party fro the begynnyg of the werld vn-to yis day So yat ye saydes henr<ill><c. 2-3 words></ill>
Salkeld will hoton & will lancastre gyfe yer dome & awarde be-twix yis & the <ill><c. 3-4 words></ill>
next for to cum after the date of yis wrytyng And if the <ill><c. 4-5 words></ill>
will hoton & wil3am lancastre non a-warde mak ne gyfe <ill><c. 2-3 words></ill> sayd <ill><c. 2-3 words></ill>
byndes hym by this hys wrytyng to a-byde dome ordinance & a-warde of ser wil3am <ill><c. 1-2 words></ill>
of ser Johnn Parr~ knyghtes or on ye tone of yam of and in al maner acciouns <ill><c. 3-4 words></ill>
demandes batry debates contrauersyse reall & percynell deth of person or persons had <ill><c. 2-3 words></ill>
at the law or by the law be-twix the sayde Thomas Sandfurth & all at tuk parte wt <ill><c. 1 word></ill>
on yt parte and Johnn Salkeld & al at tuk parte : . wt hym <ill><c. 1 word></ill> yt other~ parte fro the begynnyng
of ye werlde vn-to ye day of yis wrytyng So yat ye saydes ser wil3am Parr~ and ser
Johnn Parr~ knyght or tone of yam thayr~ dome ordinance & a-warde gyfe be-twix yam<?> <ill><1 word?></ill>
& the fest of Saynt Martyn in wynter~ next to cum And yat dome ordinance and a-ward
dewly & trewly performe & fulfill And in the mene tyme ather~ to other~& al at tuk party
wt thaym bere the kynges peax vn-to ye sayde fest of Saynt Mertyn : . o+payne of
forfatur~ of yis obligacon