<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L1250a>
<MS reference: Whitehaven, Cumbria Record Office: DSTAN/1/15>
<Text: Declaration>

Be Jt knawin to all maner of men At J Nicholl of Stanlow has profert my Sonne And my-n+ayre vn-to Elsabeth
At was the wyfe of Richard of Stanlow And Scho has byddyn me mary hym~ qwhare-euer J wyll for scho
wyll not haue hym~ ther being wytnes Syr John@ of Penyngton@ knyght william Flemyng Johnn of
Troghton@ John@ of wekers Robyn Dicson@ of Mytyrdale Johnn Nicholson@ Richard Nicholson@ willia<ill><tear></ill>
Nicholson@ Johnn Scharpe the helder John@ Scharpe the yonger Nicholl Scharp Richard Scharp
william Tyson@ william Robynson~ william Robynson@ Dicson@ william of the wodhend william~
Jacson~ Nich<?> Dicson@ william of kendale Richard of vekers johnn decunson@ Thomas of herlay
william Richardson@ Richard of Borowdale Richard wilson@ Richard Benson@ And other <ill><ink fades at end></ill>