<County: Derbyshire>
<Code: L0314>
<MS reference: London, BL Sloane 3160>
<Text: Medical recipes>

<fol. 166r><line 20>For him þt thirste3 ay take centori or
þe rote of louage & stampe it & temper it wt wyne lue or wt
water & drinke it iij ni3t3 quenn þu gose to þi bed & it wl for-do þi thirst
That venou~ shal not men þe in mete nor drinke take lecus sede & stampe
it & meng it wt watur & drinke it fastand & it schal safe þe // For
warke & suelling in þe papp3 take waybrod & þe lefs of fenikle & old
grece & stompe it and bynd it þer-to Anoþer take horrehon~ & stampe it wt old
grece & anoint þi pap þer-wt For euel in þe wombe take fenel lef & stompe
it & take tvo sponful of þe ius & drinke it & it shal do þe euul a-way
Anoþer take þe ius of waybrod & make it leuk & drinke it for it is gode
For þe scabbe take þe red dok rote & stampe it wt may buttur & sethe it [wele] in
old wine & clans it thurgh a cloþe in-to a bassun~ ful of watur & let it
harden þer-in & þen do it in a boist & a-noint þi scab þer-wt For þe ston
take ouerfern þt groghe3 on þe oke & take þe rote3 in aprile & wasche hom~
welle & stamp hom wel & take tvo cupful of stale ale & ˆ [a] cupful of hony
& do þer-to & het it a littull & do a-way þe fome & drinke þer-of quo so wil
be soþele deliuerd For þe ringe-worme take mosse & bren it to poudur &
frot it of þer-wt & ht shal be hole
<fol. 166v>For þe taw in þe throte or mouthe take salt comyn & pepur of ilkon~
ilike mecul & make of þaim a poudur & gif þe seke to drinke it in a
sponful of hate watur þes medecyn is profetabull for it is proued
For him þt may not pisse take gromel red nettel percylle sede &
fenelle sede & quite pepur iliche miche & stomp hom~ & temper hom in
wyne & vse þis drinke & þu schal be hole . For him þt spues blode
take ache mynt rue & betayn~ of ilkon~ iliche mecul & well þam~
wele in gotes mylke & drinke it . iij . days / For to gar~ a-nion~ to
spue take lauriale & make poudur þerof & blend it euunliche wt hone
& ete þerof by a sponful or tvo . For him þt spues & hald3 not hs
mete take rue & stamp it temper it wt wyn~ & vse it lue . Also
take iij lefes of rue & ete at moron~ & iij of sage at euen .
For warche & euel in þe bleddur . take ache . percil . fenell of ichon
ilike mecul & stampe þaim well & temper þaim wt wat~ & drinke it
& hit schal hele þi bleddur & make þe wel to pisse & berston~ þe ston
and hete þi stomake . For him þt may not hald his pisse take gote
clanse & bren þaim in a nerþe pot al to poudur & ete þt poudur ilke day
fastand in þi potage or how so þu may ete ht & hit shal hele þe
For the neresond take doufe dritte þt is moyst & barle mele &
stamp hom wel to-gedur & do þer-to halph a pynt of vinegr~ to
half a pond of þes oy~ & medil hem wel to-gedur & lay hom to
cold & lay cole lefs a-bofe to hald in þe licur & bynd a clothe
a-bove alle a-boute it & let it lie . iij . daies of more & on
the thred day if it be nede renewe it wt-inne & hit shal be
hole wt-in . iij . plasterus on~ warandise . For the agu take þe
dok þt berus þe cuntkles & take þe rote þer-of & make it clene wt
þi knyfe & bray it in a morter & temper it wt old ale & drinke
hit in þe sorust tyme of alle & c~ The firste thorsday of may
drinke þe Juse of betoyne & hit schal amend þi si3t & þi brayne
and þi coloure . <lat>Contra doloris dentis</lat> . Take the Jndir barke of þe
eldye & savyn or . ix . pepyr cornys & grind hem smale & temper
hit wt hony & then~ make smale peletes þer-of & put in þe hole .
of the tothe . & hit shal stanche the warche , For a man þt
hays the senew wherht in is arme or~ de bone werht that is
in a manis boddy take the grese of a splayt biche and bayes &
loril lefis and take a nerbe þt is cald neypt than take þis
herbe & theis bayys and stamp hem~ in a morter & wring it be
<fol. 167r>twene 3owr~ hondis then~ take this grese & set it on~ þe fier~
& a litil sethe it & then~ put in this herbus þerto and when~ it is
wel sothen~ to-gedur then~ take & put it in a herthen~ pot þt is clen
Take sage & stomp it a litil & put þer-to tvo so micul of salt & do
it in a past & bake it to it brent & þen take þt & make a poudur
þer-of & rub þi tethe þer-wt & ht schal make þi tethe quit & make
suete brethe . it~ take þe rotes of veruayn & sethe & oft sithe
wasche þi tethe þer-withe & it shal hele þe wt-in tvo daies .
For worme in mons womb take þe ius of suthern~ wod & of
wermot & of rue & a litul of þe ius of sauyn & of veruayn
& drinke wt old ale . <lat>Conter~ semen sicute cum pane & appone
murib3 & dum comederint morientur</lat> For stiche in þe side take litul
balls of sothen red wortes & bren~ hom~ in a new pot & sithen
grind hom~ in-to poudur & blende hit wt hony & old smer~ & lay it
þer-to For hedd warke take þe gall of a har~ & temper it wt
hone enliche & smer~ þer-wt þi templus & al þi hed be-for~ .
Also take peper & mustard sed piritrum & make poudur þer-of & blend
wt wax & hald it in þi mouthe . For þe migrayn in þe hed & for
enpostem in þe hed & for þe dropse in þe hed & for al maner of
hedwarke take faur~ pany weght of þe rote of peletr~ of spayn~
& a halpeny weght of spiconard & grind hom~ in-to poudur & boil
hom~ in gode vinegr~ & take a saucerful of hone & fife saucer-ful of
mustard & quen~ þi vinegr~ is cold do þer-in þi mustard & þi hony
& let þe seke vse þer-of half a sponful at eues & hald it in his mouthe
quil he mi3t say two credes ten times or . xij . to-gedur a gode quil
aftur mete & alse oft be-for~ mete & þen spit it out in-to a bassin &
quen~ þu gos to þi bedd wasche þi mouthe & drinke a dra3t & vse
þis medcyn þus thre daies & þu shal be hole on warandise . but
take hede quiche þe filthe is in þe bassin for it wil rope as brede lime <29 lines in latin follow>
<fol. 167v><line 22>For stoppyng in þe brest for fat take rue & seth in aysel & gyf him to drink
For stink in þe nose take þe ius of mintes & of rue & do it oft in þi nase .
<lat></lat> For to draghe out thorn take
þe in-mast bark of þe ha3e tre & bris it it wel in rred wyn & do it as hot
as þu may suffur it . For to sle quicsiluer take it and lay it in þi
hond & spet þer-on & rub wel þe spale & hit to-gedur & þen kest all in
clene watur & þen pour~ out þe watur & þen lef þe quicsiluer .
<fol. 168r>vinegr~ is þs made take a pott & fil it al-most of gode wyne & let
it stond vn-hild a gode quyll & if þu most hi3e red hot teiler stones put
þer-in or set þt vessel in þe sunne tvo daies or thre . if þu wel proue que<ill><rest of the word></ill>
it be god make a hole in þe vrthe & put a litil þer-in . & if hit bol vp it
is gode or on cold irn~ if it bol not it is not god vinegr~ . For þe sto<ill><rest of the word></ill>
take saxifrage precepetur gromel pigul filago asche chattes alisandur tansa<ill><rest of the word></ill>
chiristones or blossums or bullurs fentori brome auens : al þes is for þ~<?>
For þe brest Recipe ysop maydinshor~ enula Ridiche rote percil rotes crushet
licoris meche horhoune & 3onk fenel rotes & sethe in wat~ long~ & þen~
wring it & put þer-to mor~ wat~ & let sethe as+long & þen~ wring it eft
& put it agayn in-to þi pot & sethe al þi wat~ bettur wt a quantite of hone
and þe quite of ij . egges
<space for initial>Or to make a Mon to slepe quil he is coruen take iij sponful of
þe gbl of a sbynk & iij sponful of þe ius of hkmklkk & iij sponful
of byskl & blend al to-gedur & do it in a vessel of glas & kepe it clen~ &
take of it a sponful & do it in a galu~ of wyne or of ale & if þu wil
make it stithe do þer-in ij . sponful & þen~ gif him þer-of to drinke sittand by
þe fir~ & he schal son~ slepe & fele no sor~ . take for a mon~ þe gbl of a <ill><1 word, smudged></ill>
bkkne for . women~ of a sppf To wacon~ him take vinegr~ & salt & wasch
his tempuls & his thonewonges & sal wacon~ a-non For to make her~
to groghe take willy leues & sethe þaim in oile & anoynt þi hed þer-wt
Anothur take peletr~ & make it in poudur & temper it wt bor~s grece & a
noint þe þer-wt Anoþer take mluis<?> wt al þe rote & sethe þaim in water
& wasche þi hed þer-wt . For to do hor~ a-way make ley of hauer stre ascus
and wasche þe oft þer-wt . Anoþ~ for contrariouse her~ take þe ius of
yuyn lefs & quen þe her~ is puld a-way anoint þt stid þer-wt Anoþ~ take
askes of elm bark & vnslekud lime or piment & wel water & do þer-on~
Anoþer take & do a-way þe har~ first & take þe blod of a bat & þe gall
of a cat & a-noint it oft þer-wt & h t wil not gro3e For to make hor~
lic gold take þe hols of þe gren walnot3 & þe rind of þe tre & sethe
þaim well & make leghe wt þt watur & wasche þi hed þer-wt oft
Anoþer to make blac har~ take sage & meng wt askus quen þu makus ley
or make poudur of sauge & meng it wt may buttur or hen~ grese
& anoynt þe þer-wt oft For þe brest take an vrthen~ pot of faur~
galuns & get þe a potel dische ful of slaghe & grind hom in a morter
<fol. 168v>þe stones & al to-gedur & do hom~ in þi pot & þen~ take a thre
galuns of fin merce ale quen it is clans & do þer-in wt þe slaghe
& þen make þe a hol in þi gardin or in þi house & set in þi pot
so þt it be wt[in] þe vrthe a fote or ij & hil it on þis maner first
wt a tvo fold of linnnen clothe or a thre fold & þen wt a
turphe of vrthe a fote þicke & þen~ wter vrthe miche opon~
all & þus let it stond neuen daies & þen drinke þer-of and take
it vp of þe erthe & vse it .
Furst aske the name of him þt þu schal make þi charme then~ go to þe
kirke & say þi charm bot say it not for mon~ þt is seke and begynne in
nomine patris & f . & c~ . quen our~ laurd was dragh on þe rod crose þan com~ longius
þidur & smate him wt is sper~ in þe syde water & blod com~ out at þe wounde
he wiput is en & sewe all son~ thurghe þe holi vertu of þe godhed .
J coniur~ þe blud þt þu comm~ not out of þis cristen~ mon~ neme þe name &c~
say þis . iij . & þe þar not rek Quer~ þe mon~ be & þu haue hes name .
<lat></lat> For wiccud wightes <lat></lat>
<fol. 169r><lat></lat>
For þe tothe warche <lat></lat>
<lat></lat> For erewigge
<lat></lat> Say þis charm in hes er~ & say v pater . n . & v aue in þe worship
of þe fife wounde3 of crist For a woman~ þt trauels on child bind þis
writt to hir theghe <lat><remaining 18 lines in> latin></lat>
<fol. 169v><line 11><lat></lat> For þe neb þt semes mesel . take quicsilu~ & þe grese
of a bore & peper and seus & stomp hem al to-gedur & þer-wt anoynt þi neb
& kepe it fro cold thre days if þu wil cnav<?> a meselr~ cast salt on
his blod & it wl sink doun For to make a visage quit & saft take
fresche suynes grese & hen grece & þe quite of a nei & pope mele
& a-noint it wt þes tempert to-gedur <lat></lat>
For to wt queþer it is defaut of Mpn or of wpmpn þt sho ber~s not .
take tvo smale nue pottes of vrthe & do a litul bran in ayþ~ pott & let him
stand þe ton~ & hij þt other & let þaim stond vp . x days or fartene & if
þe mon be in defaute þu sal find in his pot lik wormes & hit sal stink
& if þu find þe same in þe wommons þen is ho in defaut & if þu find defaut
in nauþer þen may men helpe hom to haf childur wt medcins for to mak
mon~ & womon to get childur take þe balok of an+old koke or of a 3ong
grys þt soukes & bren þaim & mak poudur þer-of & ta . l . corns of peper &
make poudur þer-of & do þes pouders to-gedur & gif þe mon~ to ete & take
þe modur of a har~ & bren it & make poudur þer-of & do þe poudur of als
mony peper cornes to ijt & gif þe wommon & let &c~ For to get kabule
khkld~ ta þe horne<?> of aubre & bren it & þe modur bath & make a poudur þer-of
& gif þe mkn & þe wkmkn drink þer-of wit wine or ale or þai go to
bed . Anoþ~ take þe balok of aubr~ & let þe wkmkn suolo it al hot or
ho go to brdr For wkmkn þt cknsafe not ta a wes<symbol>l al quik þt is
a male & cut is baloks fromen & let him go þen do þaim in a cloþe & heng
þaim about h~ nec &c~
<fol. 170r>For to make aqua vite . Take þe rote of . saxifrage percil . fenel . ysop
time . pilioll riall . rosmarin . of ilkone half a quartron~ & wasche þaim clene
& bray þaim a littul . And of . galingay . peper . clauus . ginger~ . notmuke . maces
quibybs . spiknard . safron~ . of ilkon ilike mikul a quartron~ of a nouns & bet þis
spices to poudur & blend hom þen wt þin erbes & do þaim in a galon of god
red wyne & stepe þaim al a ny3t for þai wl wel suffice to a galon~ of
wyne & blend þaim wel to-gedur & distill þaim on þe toþ~ moron~ in a
stillator~ of glas & kepe it in a glasin vessell for þat is kyndly . This wat~
has mony vertuus hit helpus a mon~ fro al man~ of maladise . hit cunfords
a mon~ & haldes him in kyndle hete For cold stomak . hit distriet scab & scall
For al old sor~s For defenis poured som in-to his er~ hit a-mendus . stinkande amr~
& if a mon~ drink it helpus for þe falling eul . For þe perly on~ þe tong wete
a peche of cloþe þer-in & lay on~ þi tung for þt party mak3 a mon~ sodanly domp<ill><rest of the word></ill>
party in hed þe party on þe lupps þt trembulu~ hit lett3 al þis to gro . hit is god for
bytyng of scorpiouns & for þe tothe warke of kold ht is god for þe cold feuer
& it be drunkun~ be-for~ take te raw flesche þt is not sodon~ & be layd þer-in~
iij . days & it schal be y-no3 . & lay þer-in a henne egge & it sal be soþen yno3e
wt-in a littul quyle for wone to wasche & old sorus <lat>noli me</lat> vinigr~ it
helpus þe sainflome in þe visage wt a purgacon~ be-for~ hit purg3 þe stomak
& þe body of all glaymes & corupcon~ for padal þt comus of cold hit mase
wite colur & a mon~ wasche þer-in . for þe guttus & for gnawynge wt-in þe body
for wanite in þe hed drunkn~ wt wyn~ for colica passio . for sore in hert for all
maner of kun~ nurisched wt cold yniurs<?> drinkun . xv . days first & last . &c~