<County: Durham>
<Code: L0147a>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Small Prior's Register I, fols 101v, 102r-v>
<Text: Letters>

<fol. 101v><line 19> Virshipfull sir J comend me to yow thankand yow of all your goode
labour and tendirnesse of lang+tym@ shewid to my brether~ and
oure house of Coldingham prayand yow of your good continuance
and as for grantyng vn to yow ye office of ye Bailyer~ of
Coldingham vndr~neth our~ common seall for terme of lyue lik /
hitt yow to vndirstand yat in a visitacon@ made be my lord of
Durham laste deede in ordinance was made be ye verteu of
his visitacon@ yat na office suld be graunt be vs for terme
of lyue for eschewyng~ of greet inconuenient3 yt fell a- fortyme3
be silke grauntyng3 and sa wher who haff in England diuerse
<fol. 102r>steward3 in diuerse countreys wher~ parcelle3 of our~ lyueledd
lies nan if yaim has yer-of graunt terme of lyue and yhett
hitt has nott been seen yt ony of yaim has been of ye said office
dischargid wt-outyn notable defavte or elles sett of yair awen
party . And sa ye entent of me and my brether~ is noght to
remove yow wt-outyn@ silke cause gevyn@ as J trow fully
yhe will nott gyff . for ryght grett instance has been made
to me of Notabill persons to prefer certayn@ persons to ye said
office whilke J haff putt by and sa fully purpase to do in tym@
commyng~ : And as for your fee to be yeerly a . C s~ englich . J .
agree me wele yer to Jn yis maters and other~ my brother~ ye
Priour of Coldingham sall declare to yow moor playnly myn@
entent and my brethers . And god haff yow euermor in his+ke
pyng Wrytyn@ at durham ye xv . day of Marce . <lat><13 lines></lat>
<fol. 102v><lat><8 lines></lat> whe charge yow and command3 yat yhe delyuer~ to our~ welbelouyd John
Trolhopp esquyer~ vj . fother~ of Rysse . and to Hen of Euenwod ij . trees
of ake for Ribbe3 ye lenthe of ayther~ of þaim . xvj . fote in our~ Parke
of aclyff yat yhe haff in kepyng And yis our~ lettre sall be your~
warraunt of ye lyuery abouen said in your~ acomptes Wrytyn@ at Durham
ye . xvj . day of april ye yher~ of our~ lord . MlCCCCxxxix / . <lat><14 lines></lat>