<County: Durham>
<Code: L0147d>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Small Prior's Register I, fols 149v-150r>
<Text: Letters>

<fol. 149v><lat><20 lines></lat>
Ryght wirshipfull sir J commend me to yowe wyth all my hertt thankand yow
of yowr grett supportacion@ hettli affecconn and trewe laboure doonn for
oure Celle of Coldingham and my brod brothere Daun John@ Ell and espe
ciell for your good mantill thatt yhe sennt to me be my brothere John@
Pencher besekynge yow euermoore of yowr good continuans And as tou
chand alcambus lyke it yowe to vndirstand . thaitt ther was a commo
nyng be-twix sir davi home@ and me for eschaunge to be mad of cer
teyn@ husbondlandes in aldcombus so certayn@ husbondlandes liyng in
diuers place3 wythyn the barony of coldingham a-pon@ condicion@ thatt
<fol. 150r>tha yf þe prior of coldingam And my brother~ thare who had most knalege thar
of culd fynndi hytt war no preiudice ne hurt to the kyrke no to the Celle of
coldingam And thay wratte to me thatt yf we sould make thatt eschaunge hyt
war lykly to turn@ to greytt schaythe and loose and vndoyng~ And alienacon@ of
the hale place of Coldingham wharfor J be-seke þowe thatt yhe gyff noght
your~ consennt ne your good wyll to sir davy os to the eschaunge a-forsayd be-for
yhe haf other worde fro me and the seyd sir davy wyl noght surrendour hys
lettre3 ne be gouernde be me as J sennt hym@ J sall than@ do in thatt ma
ter as me thyng most profitable and be-houfull And al-mygthi gode haf
yow y in hys kepyng wretyn hatt durham in the furste day of Januarij
<lat><14 lines></lat>