<County: Durham>
<Code: L0147e>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Small Prior's Register I, fols 152v-154v>
<Text: Letters>

<fol. 152v><lat><24 lines></lat>
Wirshipfull sir J recommend me to 3owe with all my hertt thankand
yowe for your~ grete tendirnesse and fortheryng afortyme3 shewid
to my brether & our~ hovse of Coldyngham and in especiell for þe Admission
of þe Priour~ dan@ John Ell be your~ hee wisdom@ grete labour . & coste
no3t wtouyn@ grette perell of your~ body & your~ men3ee nowe late
graciously sped for þe whilk J am bounde at all tyme3 to do for yowe
consideryng your~ grett trouth and þe trewe execucion of your promysse
yhe made to me att Durham And yhe remembr~ when@ yhe war last
<fol. 153r>at Durham yhe said yhe wald be revlyd by my counsell touchyng your~
desires of Coldyngham of þe whilk J thank yowe And if yhe will
do so yhitt hit is my will to make such rewle þt yhe sall be plesid
aponn reson~ as J trist to god for yhe knawe wele þe graunte þt sir davy
has be our~ comonn sele þe whilk and he will surrend by ony meen@ J .
will fulfill my promysse to yowe wt all myn@ hert for so yhe trewly
desiruyd for els itt will be full herd to me to graunte a lettre apon~ ann
othir And iff sir Davy will no3t conforme hym@ to goode acorde aftir my
purposse J amm leesse haldyn@ till hym@ And þt sall he fynnde in whatt
weisse yhe sall weete or eftir noght lang to prayng yowe of your~
gude continuance in fortheryng of my brother þe priour~ of Coldyngham
and þt thynge3 þt lange3 to þe place And god haff yowe in his graciouse
kepyng writynn at durham þe iiij day of March

Honorabill sir J recomend me to yowe lattand yowe weite þt sen@ your
last beyng at Durham be-for Michaelmesse J haffe receuyd fro yowe
diuerse lettre3 of þe whilk in an yhe leete me wete of conand indentide be
twix yowe & your cosyn@ sir Alex~ of þe office of þe Bailyery of Coldyngham
in þe whilk yhe say þt yhe made grett besynesse to þe Priour of Coldyngham
oftyme3 & no3t gann lang sen to me to purchasse þt Bailyery till þe said sir .
Alex~ to þe whilk J say þt be-for your~ beyng at Durham diuerse tyme3 of
diuerse 3here3 yhe wratte & also sende to me to haff þe said Bailyery to
your self terme of life at all þt tyme no Word wratte ne said for your~
said Cosyn sir Alex~ And [at] your said beyng at Durham or þe tyme þt yhe
and whe warre throgh þt yhe suld haffe þe said Bailyery for terme of
xl wyntre yhe neuer spak worde for sir Alex~ bot efter our conclusionn
yhe said lightly & no3t effectually þt iff whe wald graunte þe said Bail
yery to sir Alex~ terme off lyue it no3t displesyd yowe as Willam hoton@
& diuerse of my brethire will beere wittnesse And if we at þt tyme
hadd hadd knawlegyng of þe connand be-twix sir Alex~ and yowe
whe wald langar~ haffe beenn avisid or whe sa farre had procedid as
whe deid . And touchand Edmond haysayng whilk yhe reherse in
þe said lettre J say þt þe said Edmond and J be our~ selfe commend of þe
said matre And said senn þe Alex~ fulli putt hym@ to stannde to myn@
<fol. 153v>ordynance And if he dilygently labourd for þe Amissionn of John Ell and yhe
wald do þe same my will was if my brether þerto wald consennt for to or
dayn@ ameenn of gude concorde be-twix sir Alex~ & yowe and iff yhe res<ill>
to staunde to myn@ ordynance or noght wald labour~ for to spede of Daun
John Ell J was lesse haldyn~ to yowe and parauentre wald chaunge my
purposse of graunte for terme of lyue bod whatt was þe ende betwix sir
Alex~ & me it was endentid be-twix vs of þe whilk J sende yowe a copy
And whar~ yhe say in an other lettre itt has no3t ben@ hard in your~ com<ill>
my lettre3 to Juste or ann to comenn in þe contrary of ann other . J say þt all
my lettre3 to yowe sennde touchand þi/s matre is no3t bod þt J legge ann ordyn
aunce made afortyme for þe whilk we wald graunt na Stewarshipp in
England no Bailyery att Coldyngham for terme off lyue whilk ordyn
aunce and my writyng byndes noght me thenn J may wt goode leutee
and for cause resonable þe said ordynance and will or purpoose chaunge
for þe bettre and þt be all lawe spirituall & temperall bod what J
will do in þis J . am noght fully determened consoland yowe in+eschew
yng of grett heuynesse likly to fall be-twix your~ said cosyn~ & yowe
to conforme yowe to any resonabill meenn for goode acorde And as
touchand Aldcambus it was commond and concorde be-twix yowe
and vs þt iff þe priour off Coldyngham whilk at þt tyme was and
Daun John Ell poyntid to be Priour of Coldyngham culd fynnde be
avise off frenndly menn till vs þt war no hurtt ne preiudice till vs or
our~ house off Coldyngham þen@ whe and yhe suld make ann eschaunge
of certeyn husbandlandes in Aldcambus with like husbandlandes of your
or your~ sunne3 in other place3 And þe priour att dede is sertefied me þt þe
eschaunge to be made was ouer gren hurtt to þe house of Coldyngham
And also it is said in Berwike and in Northumberland and notified
to me be worthy menn þt iff yhe myght gett þe said lande3 in Aldcam
bus þer yhe wald make a castell or a toure whilk war~ likly to be to
England grete harme And if J suld consennt till any way or meen
þer to J war~ like to stannde & oþer my brother and J ar~ no3t avised þe said
eschaunge to perfourme And whatt it like yowe to do in þer matters afor
said it pleese yowe to sende me an answeere And god haffe yowe in
his kepyng Writyn att Durham þe iiij day off March
<fol. 154r><lat><10 lines></lat>
Right honerabill and wirshapfull Lorde J commend me to yhour~
gode lordshipp thankand yowe with all my hert of þe goode and thee
diligent labour~ þt yhe hafe done for goode acord / betwix your~ cosyns
sir Alex~ and sir Davy home Jn þe whilk mater~ lik it your~ lordshipp to
vndirstand þt mony yhere3 syne past soon@ after þe deed of sir Alex@
fadre whilk was bail3er of Coldingham thay twa Alex~ and Davy com@
to me to Durham and þar~ Sir Alex~ praid me þt J wald be tendre till
his Eme Davy to occupy þe office of þe said bail3ery as wele as J wald
be till his awn@ person@ for þai twa war~ bath an And of any conannd
betwix þaym~ made was J neuer knawen~ for Michaelmesse last past
bod fully traistid eftir~ þe speech of sir Alex~ aforsaid itt suld pleesse hym~
þe graunte made to sir davy And afortyme3 sir davy labourd to me to
hafe had þe said bailyery to hym@ self for terme of lyue And att
his last beyng at Durham be-fore Michaelmesse said to me if J and
my brether~ wald graunte þe bailyery till his cosyn@ sir Alex~ for terme
of lyue it wald plesse hym@ for he wald noght þt his Cosyn~ fannde
in hym~ vnkyndnesse And J said my brether~ and J war~ fully deter
mynd be avice of sad & wyse counsell neuer to graunte na swilk office
for terme of lyue namar~ þan@ we doo or has doon~ in England And soo
the said office war~ grantid to sir Davy to haffe itt for terme of xl
yhere Eftir whilk tyme sir Alex~ sennd me a copy of þe endentour~
betwix þaym~ And eftir~ com~ to me in his propre person~ And labourd
to haffe had graunt to hym~ of þe said bailyery for terme~ of lyue to
thee whilk J wald noght consennt bod J grauntid if sir Davy wald
delyuer~ to vs our~ writyng vndirneth our~ comonn seale þt we suld
graunt to sir Alex~ att þe reuerence of þe wirshipfull lorde3 Bisshopp of
<fol. 154v>Seynt Andrevs þe erle of Anguse & yowe lood of halys þe said bailyery
for terme of xl yhere vndir~ certeyn@ condiconn3 as sir Davy hase hitt And
þis at our~ depar~tyng was writyn@ and endentid betwix sir Alex~ and
me And in all þe comonyng betwix hym~ and me in presence of Edmond hay
George home John Ogle and Collyngwod of his party And sir John
Bartrame Willam haton~ our~ steward in þe Bisshoprik of Durham & a man
lerynd in the temperall lawe of englond Maistr~ John lethom~ Bachiler~
of lawe canon@ & Cywell and Notary Maistr~ Willam Ebchestr~ maistr~
of diuinite and Sacristan of Durham and Robert Westmerland our~ chaun
celler~ sir Alex~ said þt he fully wald stannd to myn~ ordynance thochand
þe said office And J said if he labourd deligently and broght to con
clusion þe Admission of John Ell in spiritualte and temperalte J wald
ordaynd swilk away for good concorde betwix hym~ and sir Davy þt
apon~ reson@ þai bath and þair~ frendshipp suld stannd contente And
þe way þat J purposse is þis to make þaym@ Jontly Bailyhe3 aponn
like condicon3 endentid betwix sir Davy and vs or elles if sir Davy
will noght delyuer~ our~ writyng then to make sir Alex~ protectour~
of the place of Coldyngham and gouerner of þe mann of þe Barony
in þe thynge3 þt pertynes noght to þe bailyee office gifand hym@ like
fee as we hafe grauntid till sir Davy for þe office of þe bailyhery
whilk purposse as J am enformyd sir Alex~ takes for noght . bod
thynke3 for his labour~ þt he suld hafe his desyre þe office for terme
of lyue And as it is said þen@ he suld labour~ to gett to þe wir
shipfull lorde þe erle of Anguse þe office of protectour~e for terme of
lyue wilk war~ like to turn~ our~ house of Coldyngham to grete
charge and also a titill to þair~ heires to clayme þe said office in
herytage lik as dose Gib of Lumesden in þe Forster office to þee
whilk J cann noght consennt on no wyse for it is forbodyn@ be þe pape3
lawes pertenyng to our~ religionn And J am enformyd bath be sir
Alex~ lettre and by Robert of Nessbit his messyngere he sais hee
promyst to sped John Ell in þe prioury and it was promyst hym
if he so did he suld hafe a graunte of þe said office terme of lyue
whilk promysse J neuer made ne neuer knewe of na swilke promysse
makyng as þe said person3 of my behalfe persennt in our~ comonyng
will recorde And som of þaym@ has recorde in þe presence of Davy home
Robert Nesebit Robert Cleuell and John Englesse apon palmsomday
last paste Wharfor~ J beseke yowe hertly or þe fyre of Jre kyndild
betwix þaymm growe to fer as yhe hafe begunn yhe will labour~
to staunch and consydir~ myn@ entent Whilk is yheerly to charge