<County: Durham>
<Code: L0147g>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Small Prior's Register II>
<Text: Letters and lease>

<fol. 9v>will nott desyr~ And forthermoore Such beheste3 and promysse
ar~ made by the priour~ att laste was and his brether afor
tyme to right notabill and grett estate3 for certeyn clerte3
of thare3 whilke promysse we may nott goo fro our treuth
and wirshipp savyde so that the next avoidaunce we may
nott graunte yow in no wyse wherfor when it please
your said Ladishipp to name to vs ann habill personn of goode gouernance
and honeste conuersaconn whe sall so doo what
tyme as we may that whenn a benefice of our~ patronage
falle3 woid acordyng for hym@ your~ goode and gracieux
Ladishipp sal+be pleaside vppon@ reson@ with godde3 grace
who haue yow euermoore in hir gracieux kepyng~ and sennde
yow mich wirshipp and hertes ease for his mercy . Writenn
at Durham the iij day of Nouembr@ <blank line>
Ryght wirshipfull and with all my hertt welbelouyd sir J
recommende me to yowe in my moste especiell wyse thankyng
yow of your kynde gentill trewe and stedefaste hertt shewid to
me att all tyme3 and to my full entierly welbelouyd brother~
Daun John@ Ell priour of Coldyngham and for all your grett labour
and besynesse that yhe haue alway hadde for the righte3
of Seynt Cuthbertt nott withoutyn@ grett parell of your
body besekyng yow at our~ synguler~ trust is and has been@
in yowe of your~ goode contynuaunce . And for as+mykill as
it is nott vnknawyn@ to yowe How my said brother~ John@
Ell is purposte for certeyn@ cause3 movyng both me and hym
to leefe the Prioury of Coldyngham . J and my brether~ beseke3
yowe as oure trust is moste in yowe befor all other~ that
yhe will supportt and Soccour~ Daun Thomas Nessbytt
whame my brether~ and J ar~ purpost to be sett att
Coldyngham both with your~ wyse counsell and goode
helpp. Like as yhe haue doonn to the forsid Daun John Ell
for as he has reportt to me and our~ Chapiter~ yhe haue
trewly dewly and iustly doonn att all tyme3 for his
case and the righte3 of the place And also that
it please yow to sennd me your~ goode avice how yhow
semys that the said Daun Thomas Nessbitt sall be gouernde
and rewlide towchaunde his admysyonn by the
kyng~ and the Bisshopp of Seynt Andrews Moor-ouer
J beseke yow hertly that yhe will support Daun Jonn
<fol. 10r>pencher~ in such maters as he has a-doo within ScottLaunde for my brother~ Daun John Ell aforesaid as his trust
and affeccionn has beenn syngulary in your personn And that knowe3
our~ Lorde Jhu@ who haue yow in his gracieux kepyng
and preserve yow fro all [your] Aduersare3 and in especiell for your
familiar~ enmyse that thay haue neuer~ power~ to betraysse
yowe for his endlesse mercy For J and your goode
frenndes with vs ar~ full ferde tharfor writen att
Durham the xviij day of Nouembr <lat><30 lines></lat>
<fol. 10v><lat><13 lines></lat> Wirshipfull and my right goode lorde J recommende me to
yowe in my moste humble wyse thankyng~ your goode lordshipp
whilke yhe haff at all tyme3 effectualy shewide
to the kirke of Seynt Cuthbertt and his mynisters besekyng~
yow of your goode contynuance . And as for the
mater~ concernyng~ vicar of Engleswike for whamm
your said lordshipp late by the said vicar sennde your letre3
to me please it yow to consave that my predecessour and
the Chapiter~ his brother~ att the grett instaunce and
prayer~ of the right wirshippfull . sir Thomas Percy
knyght grauntyd and promyste that thay wald haue
recommende sir Richard Falthorpp a chapeleyn@ of his
to the vicary of Engleswike what tyme somm<?>euer~
the said vicar att now is incumbent wald resigne
or leve his vicary aforsaid whilke promysse and gˆ[r]raunte
J and my brether~ moste of honesty and trewth kepp
and fulfill . And wheer~ your Lordshipp desire3 that
the vicar myght haue the kirke aforsaid boundenn to
hym vndre our~ commonn Seall for oonn annuell pensionn
Duryng his lyffe . trewly we haue noonn auctoritee
no power~ by the commonn lawe to bynnde the kirke
<ill><1 word of 2 letters></ill> ony sich pension : bod att the reuerence and contemplaconn
of your~ goode lordshipp we will as patrons
of the said kirke giff our~ consenntt and goode will
vndre our~ commonn Seall that our~ right wirshipfull
<fol. 11r>Lorde Cardinall of yorke by hys auctoritee ordinary~ Assigne
to the said vicar~ a competent porcon~ yherly to be resavide
of the frute3 and reveneux of the said kirke and also to
bynnde the said kirke and the vicars therof for tyme beyng~
to the trew and hale payment of the said pension@
als lang~ as the vicar aforsaid leve3 And if J and my
brether~ myght doo ony moor in this mater~ by the commonn
lawe to the plesaunce of your goode lordshipp we wald be
full gladde to fulfill your entennt and that knowe3 our
lorde Jhu@ who haue yow in his gracieux kepyng~ and
giff yow mykill wirshipp lanng to endour~ for his mercy
wreten@ att Durham the vj day of Decembr@ <lat><23 lines></lat>
<fol. 12v>And noghtgaynstandyng~ thay apperyd att the laste and passide
tharvpponn . yhit isshue3 and green wax renne3 vppon~ thaym@
in the Cheker~ this day to thair~ grete hurtt And forthermoor~
this laste yhere paide we - xvj s~ to the shereffe of
yorkeshir~ for green@ wax that than rann vppon~ vs and we
cann nott weete why . wherfor J pray yow as hertly as
J cann that yhe make Serch in the Cheker~ wherfor such
isshue3 rynne3 vppon@ vs and also apon~ the gentilmen
aforsaid And sennde me worde in all haste with your goode
counsell and avyse Also J sennde to your place by a
seruantt of myn~ a taill contenyng~ - lxiiij li@ Delyuerde
to ˆ [me by] my lorde of karleell aponn whilke taill J payde
hym@ lxiiij li@ xviij s~ v d / for the halfe dyme byside
my lorde of duresme parte commys to no moor~ att
this graunte by cause of certeyn~ excepcions . J sennde
yow your fee of Martynmesse Anno xlvto vj s~ viij d
and of Wittsonday and Martynmesse Anno xlvjto
xiij s~ iiij d with the berer~ of this / And god haff <a couple of blank lines>
yow in hys gracieux kepyng
Wretyn@ att Durham the iij day of Febr@ <one blank line>
Wirshipfull Sir and my right goode frennde J recommende
me to yowe with all my hertt thankyng~ yow of all
kyndnesse and fortheraunce doon~ to me and myn~ at all
tyme3 besekyng~ yowe of your~ goode and effectuall contynuance
. And for as+mich as certeyn~ catell of myn@
warr~ drevyn~ in to riddesdale wher~ yhe haue gouernaunce
and kepyng~ and borovd agayn@ by certeyn@
frenndes of myn@ withoutyn~ your knawlege . agayns
the Fredomm and Fraunchiesse of your said kepyng~ J
pray yow als hertly as J cann that yhe be nott displeside
for no thyng~ att is doonn to the tyme yhe and
J commonn to-gedre . att what tyme if thar bee fun
ony defalte doonn to yowe J sall amende it with
godde3 grace to your awen@ plesaunce And forther~mor~
J beseke yowe that yhe will att the reuerence of god
and Seynt Cuthbertt and my prayer~ charge straitly
and proclame that no mann within your saide gouernaunce
<fol. 13r>and kepyng~ take no dryve ony catell of myn~ or [my] brether~s
ne of our~ tenante3 vndre payn~ of the lawe to be
execute vppon~ thaym@ without ony grace or redemptionn
what tyme thai be fun defaltes tharin . And this itt
please yow to doo for me and J sall deserue it to yowe with
godde3 grace who haue yow in his kepyng~ and sennde
yow mykill wirshipp and lang~ liffe for his mercy wreten~
att Durham the xiij day of Nouembr@ . <1 blank line>
Right wirshipfull sir J recomende me to yowe in my moste especiell
wyse thankyng~ yow with all my hertt of your~ goode
helpp supportt and effectuell fauour shewide and doonn to me
what tyme J was abidyng~ with yowe in the North+cuntree
besekande gode for his souerayn@ mercy to rewarde yow wher~
J suffice nott . And please it yow to remembr@ how my brother~
the Bourser~ shewide to yow att Norham certeyn@ Euidence
of a percell of grounde lyand bitwix Norham and Shoresworth
callide whiterig gevyn@ to Seynt Cuthbertt and his mynisters
by hugh somtyme Bisshopp of Durham of whilke percell
by the fre-halders of Norham whe ar~ agayns right ande
goode conscience disturbild to our~ grett hurtt and noysaunce
to our tenantt att Shoresworth aforsaide wherfor
J beseke yowe as hertly as J cann and as my synguler truste
is and [hase] been of lang tyme in yowe moste of ony knyght levande
that it please yowe so to rewle and gouerne that
mater~ as yhe beste may that Seynt Cuthbertt and his
mynisters may haue thayr~ right and our~ tenantt att Shoresworth
in our name reioyse and occupy the percell of grounde
before reherside . Senn whe haue right therto as our euidence
opynly shewys and noonn other~ Forthermoour J beseke yow
att what tyme yhe com to cuntree that yhe will dispose yow
to vysitt Seynt Cuthbert that we may common to-gedre
of this mater~ and other~ both for your~ hertys ease and
myne as J truste fully to gode who haue yow euermoore
in his gracieux kepyng~ and sennde yow mykill wirshipp
in this warld and hevynn blysse att your endyng~ writen~
att Durham the vj day of March <1 blank line>
Wirshipfull sir and my right trusty and welbilouyd frende J grett
yow oftyme3 wele And please it yowe to vndirstande thatt
the Stewarde to my Maistre Neuyll of his lordshipp of
<fol. 18v><line 20> Trusty and welbelouyd brother~ . J grete yow oftyme3
wele And J suppose itt be nott vnknawen~ to yowe
the goode diligent frutefull and notabill coste3 and
labour made in the courte of Rome for reduccon@ of patronage
of our Chirche3 within the diocesse of Seynt
Andrew in Scotlande by my brother Daun John@ Ell
Supprior late priour of Coldyngham . Whilke of lang~
tyme to right grete [b] hurtt and [a] importabill likly to
full to the said priory for dyuerse consideraconns has
been~ oute of oure possession~ For whilke our~ saide
brother~ noght gaynstandyng~ grete labour and cost
made in the courte of Rome and our~ euidence right
pregnante and goode as the composiconn made bitwix
the predecessours of the Bisshopp of Seynt Andrewe3
and vs proporte3 and opynly shewe3 . culde no way
goo throgh with hym@ to haue his goode lordshipp
and will ˆ [or~] our~ saide brother~ your~ predecessour paide to
<fol. 19r>hym~ Cl li@ of Scotte3 money whilke sovme he borowde
of right notabill Marchauntt and Seynt Cuthbertt
stedefaste and trew frennde George of Fullay dwellyng~
in Edinburgh and bannde hym~ and his Successours
in oonn obligacon~ to pay the saide George the forsaide
Cl li att Seyntt John@ day Baptiste now late agoo
For whilke payment he lefte att Coldingham beside
the Stuffe of the saide place to pay the forsaide
sovme of . CCC ma iiij xx yowe3 and . xij kyn with the
and all maner~ of profettes Commyng~ both of the
yowe3 and kyn senn that tyme to now whilke goode3
yhe haue tann to yow att this tyme as it is saide
Therfor J consideryng~ dewly the notabill cause3
and grounde how the said money was borowde and
spennde for~ the grete wele of the said place of
Coldingham for euermoor~ me semys goode reson~ and
acordyng~ the same place bere the charge senn the
waill and profett bide3 therwith wherfor~ J pray
yow effectually thatt yhe dispoose yow in all goodly
haste thankfully to pay and seith the saide
George of the Cl li@ aforesaide as right and
reson~ will thatt my brother~ late your~ predecessour
trewth be keppide and that no disturbilaunce
fall to the place for~ the nownpayment therof
And moor~-ouer~ in Supplement of the forsaide
Sovme it is my will and my brother~ afor reherside
that yhe take the heuede3 of the Arrerage
of his tyme thatt is vnrayside of Daun Richard
Wrake whilke Arrerage yhe haue stoppide as
it is saide agayns right And my brother~ afore
saide has exhibitt abd shewide to me a Bill
of notabill coste3 charge3 and expense made
by hym~ in the tyme he stode priour thar~ whilke
is no feende thyng~ as he referys hym~ to his
<fol. 19v>brether~ that was with hyme and hase knawlege therof as
he will proofe in tyme and place requiryde in that party . And
as for the dimission made to the Abbot of Melrosse of corte
yne teende3 J will the said dimission~ be keppide to hym~ like
as the writyng~ proporte3 and opynly shewe3 . And what
yhe purposse to doo in this mater~ yhe will certify me by
your writyng~ in goode haste And our~ lorde preserue yow
fro all aduersitee3 writen~ att Durham the firste day of
Julij . <a blank line>
Right trusty and welbelouyd sir J grett yow oftyme3 wele
with all my herte And wheer yhe desyre in your letre late
delyuerd to me to haue respite and sufferaunce to our~ lady
Day Natiuite next commyng~ for~ payment of certeyn~
money whilke yhe aw for~ teende3 of Charltonn and
halfe Lowyke and also to be fermoor~ of the said teende
of Charlton~ for~ this yheer~ / sir for~ your~ goode tendirnesse
and gentilnesse whilke yhe haue doon~ and shewid to me
and my brether~ att all tyme3 J agree me wele to
your~ entent so that yhe kepp your~ day of paymentt
and also seale ann obligaconn whilke the berer~ of this
letre sall shew to yowe in like wyse as other~ menn doos
in your~ countre for~ teende3 whilke thay haffe to ferme
of vs And wher~ yhe thynke yhe ar~ strangely doon~
to . that the halfe teende of Lowyke is lattyn~ fro
yowe to other~ menn trewly sir J was enformede by
the officere my brother~ att that tyme that yhe
dispoiside yow to occupy itt no langer~e ne noght sett
therby in no degre and ther vppon~ be cause J walde
nott be desolate of a fermour J made dimission~ therof
to oonn other~ mann . trustyng~ veraly in goode faith that
yhe ne noonn other~ mann ˆ [walde] haffe been@ displeaside thar~
att And that knawe3 our~ lorde jhesu@ who haue
yow in his gracieux kepyng~ and giffe yow mych wirshipp
wreten@ att Durham . the . vj day of August
<fol. 22v><line 19> Thys indentur made betwix Willam the priour~ of Duresme
of þt part . And John@ Bron~ of Tudhowe / Bertrame
Gaythird Alex~ Belfelde Willam Lethom~ Rallyn~
Bronsmyth of Midelham & Willam Bron~ of Duresme
Flesshewer~ / onn that part witnesse that þe said priour~
has graunted and to ferme letyn~ to the said John@ Bertrame
Alex~ Willam Rallyn~ / and Willam / a wast tofte
& xxviij acr~ of land with yappurtennant3 in Trillesden@
& with a Colepit in the same lande / therin to w<?>rke<writing smudgy here> &
wyn~ Cole euereday onerable with thre pikkes & ilk pike
to wyn~ euerday onerable lx scopes to haue and to halde
the said toft & land with þappurtenante3 / & with þe said
Colepite fra þe fest of Seynt Cuthbert in Septembr~
next commyng~ / for terme of a yeer~ then~ next folowyng~
gevyng~ to the said Priour~ for þe said toft and lande .
<fol. 23r>with þappurtenant3 / xxiiij s~ . and for þe said Colepite x marke
of goode Jnglissh money at þe feste3 of þe Jnuencon~ of þe
haly croce & þe Natiuite of Seint John@ Baptiste next
commyng~ be even~ porconns / And þe said John@ Bertrame
Alex~ Willam Rallyn~ & Willam sall wirke þe said myn@
werkmanlike to save þe feld standyng~ be þe sight of
certeyn~ vewers assigned be þe said Priour~ als oft as
hym~ likes to lymet tham~ within þe same yeer~ to serche
þe same myn~ . <gap> Alsa þe said Priour~ has graunted
& letyn to ferme to the said John~ Bron~ Bertrame .
Gaythirde Alex~ Belfolde Willam Lethomm Rallyn~
Bron~smyth & Willam Bron~ A Colepit in þe Northside
of Spenyngmore therin to wirke and wyn~ Cole with
thre pikke3 euereday onerable & euere pike wynnyng~ euere
day onerable . lx scopes of Cole3 . to have & to halde
þe said Colepite in Spennyngmore / fra þe fest of Seynt
Cuthbert in Septembr~ next commyng~ efter~ þe date
of þis endentur vnto þe end of A yeer~ then@ next folowyng~
payng~ therfor to þe said Priour~ at þe feste3
of þe Jnuencon@ of þe haly croce & þe Natiuite of Seynt
John@ Baptiste above wretyn~ be even~ porconns xx li@
of goode Jnglissh payment And þe said John@ Bertrame
Alex~ Willam Rallyn@ and Willam sall werkmanlike
wirke þe same myn~ att save þe felde standyng~ be þe
sight of certeyn@ vewers þerto assigned be þe saide
Priour~ als ofte as hym~ likes to lymet tham~ with
in þe same þeer~ to serche þe same myn~ Alsa þe said
John Bertrame Alex~ Willam Rallyn~ and Willam
sall of thare awen@ costage3 and expenser / labour~
& wyn@ a watergate for wynnyng~ of Cole in þe
same Colepit of Spennyngmore / And þe same watergate
like as þai wyn~ itt þai sall leefe it in þe
yeer~ ende by sight of þe said vewers And þe said
<fol. 23v>Priour sall warrant to þe said John@ Bertrame Alex~
Willam Rallyn~ and Willam þe said toft & lande with þappurtenant3
& with þe Colepite in trillesden@ and alsa þe
Colpite in Spennyngmore for~ þe yeer~ aforsaid Jn witnes
of þe whilke þe partyes aforesaide has entrechaungeabely
to this indentur sett thair~ seales Wreten~ þe
last day of August þe þeer~ of our~ Souereyn~ and gracious
lorde Jhesu@ Ml CCCCxlvij . <lat><27 lines></lat>