<County: Durham>
<Code: L0147h>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Small Prior's Register III>
<Text: Letter of appointment>

<fol. 41r><line 23> Be it knawen till all men be yer present3 letres vs John Priour and couent of ye cathedrale kirk
of Durham and John Priour of Coldyngham till haue made ordayned and stablist & be yes present3
letres makes ordayns and stablis . a worschipfull lord and honerable sire Archibald erle of
Douglas lord of Galway of Anandirdale and of Hotonn our souerayn bail3e & gouernour of
all our lordeship and landes of ye house and ye baronye of Coldyngham wt appertenance bath
in tenant3 and tenan[t]dry gifand & grauntand till hym our full power~ and Autorite for
vs and in our name till our vse and profite all our sayd landes to sett fermes to rayse comtys
till hald ; amercyment3 to rayse trespasours to punyse . brenys till execute . tenantdrys to recognise
. ye same tenant3 and tenantdris til distreyn and hald till all rerages and dettes
yer of aught of tyme begane and for to come til vs be+assethid . our men of ye sayd our
lordship and landes whare euer~ þai be attached till borowe agayn til our fredome
and courte And generaly and specialy all othir and sundry thynge til do and say for
vs in our name yat till ye office of souerayn bail3erie is seen to pertene of custome or of
law . Ferme and stable we haldand and sall hald what euer ye sayd our souerayn bail3e
in his office on our behalfe ledes to be done Jn Wyttenyssynge of ye whilk thyng~
to þer our letres endurant3 for terme of ye forsayd worshipfull lord and honerable life
We haue gert sett to our seel .Att Durham ye first day of may ye 3er of our lord a
thousand four vndreth and fourteene <lat><9 lines></lat>