<County: Durham>
<Code: L0147i>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Small Prior's Register III>
<Text: Letters of appointment>

<fol. 273r><line 14> Thir endentours made att Duresme the . xvj . day of Septembr~ in the yheere of grace
a thousand four+hundreth fourty and an betwyx the venerabill fadre Johann Prioure
and the couente of the Cathedrale kirke of Duresme and Willam priour of Coldyngham
on the ta party and sir Davy home of Whedirburn~ knyght on the tothir party berys
wyttnesse thatt the said prioure and the couente of Durham and the Priour of Coldyngham
considerand the trewe profitabill and goode seruyce the whilke the forsaid
sir Davy has doonn and sall do in tyme commyng to the kirke of Duresme thayr~
Celle and the prioury of Coldingham has gevyn~ and graunte to the said sir Davy the
office of the Bailyery of the said Celle and Barony of Coldingham with all appurtenance
langand tharto to the terme of . xl . yheere next eftir folowyng the
date of there endentours . takand for the said office yheerly x . li of vsuall money
of Scotland the fee afortyme accostomed and vsid as lang as he occupiesse
in his awenn parsonn the office of the Bailyery aforsaid . And ouere the
said . x . li@ the said Prours and couente graunte3 to the said sir Davy duryng the
said terme othere . x li@ of vsuall money of Scotlande in the name of reward
for his goode lange and notabill seruyce abouenn said . And in case the said sir
Davy die or decesse within the said terme of . xl . yheere thatt thann thes endentours
be voide and the said terme of . xl . yheer~ cesse and expier~ for euermoore
And also itt is acordid betwix the payrtie3 abouen@ said / thatt the said sir Davy
sall nott graunte ne latte to ferme no lande3 no tenement3 wythin the said
Barony~ with-oute the will and consennt of the said prioure of Coldingham and
his successours for the tyme beyng . And thatt the said sir Davy sall supporte
maynteyn@ and defende the righte3 fredoms and possessions of the said prioury
and the kirke of Coldingham . And the said Prioure of Coldingham sall ordande
charge and discharge his seruant3 within the prioury of Coldingham att his will
wyth-oute lettynge or interrupcionn of the said sir Davy or ony other~ in his name .
And for ordand and dispoose his goode3 of his place eftir his awenn discrecionn
<fol. 273v> and as othere abbase doose withyn~ the roialme of Scotland to the moste profett of
the place . Gifand and grauntand till the said sir Davy thayre full power~ and auctoritee
for thaym~ and thayre name till thayre & profett be the consent and the counsell
of the priour~ of Coldingham beyng for tyme all thayre lande3 to sett . ferme3 to
rayse to the profett of the Cell aforsaid . court3 till hald . amercyment3 to rayse /
trespasours to punyssh . thayre menn of the said Barony~ and land3 wher euer~ thay
be attached till borowe agayn~ till thayre fredom~ <gap> and courte / And all other~ and
syndry thynge3 to do and say for thaym~ in thayre name thatt till the office of
the Bailyery is seenn to perteyne of custome or of lawe . Ferme and stabill thay
haldand and sall hald whatt euere the said thayre Bailye in his office on thaire
behalfe ledes to do for the wele of the said kirkes of Durham . and of Coldi&ngham . And
all the premysse wele and treuly to be fulfillid on the partt of the said sir Davy
the same sir Davy befor the said prioure and his counsell has bodyly swornn aponn
a+bouke. Jn wyttenessyng of the whilke thynge3 bath the partie3 has enterchanghably
sett to thaire seale3 . day . yheere and place beforsaid <lat><25 lines></lat>
<fol. 287r><line 16> Be it knawen till all menn by there presents letre@3 vs John Priour~ and the chapiter~
of the Cathedrall kirke of Durham with the consennt and the assennt of John prioure
of Coldinghame till haff made ordayned and stablist and by there presenntes
letre3 make3 ordayne3 and stablis a wirshipfull mann sir Alex~ Hovme of that ilke
knyght oure Bailye and Gubernour of all oure lordshipp and landes of the house
and Barony of Coldinghame with the appertenances bath in tenantes and tenandry3@
for the terme of Sexty yheri3 next eftir folowand the date of thir presennt
letre3 And giff it happyns the said sir Alex~ to discese within the said terme3
whe will and whe graunt thatt Alex~ the sonn and the ayre of the said shir~
Alex~ occupy and haue the said office of Bailyery to the vsche of the terme3
of the said sexty yhere3 . Giffand and grauntand till the said schir~ Alex~
or till his sonn beforsaid oure full powere and auctoritee for vs and in oure
name and for oure successours till oure vse and profett by the counsell and
the consennt of the prioure of Coldinghame there beyng for tyme . all oure
said lannd3 to sett / ferme3 to rayse / courtes till hald . amerciament3 to rayse
trespasours to punysse / brene3 till execute / tenandri3@ to recuuysse ; the samynn
tenandes and tenandri3@ till distreyne and hald till Arrerage and dette3 therof aught
of tyme~ byganne / and for to com till vs be assethid / oure men and thaire goode3
of oure said lordshipp and lannd3 whereuer~ thay be attachied till borowe
agayn~ till oure fredome and curte / And generaly and specialy all other~ and
syndry thynge3 till do and say~ for vs and in oure name~ thatt till the
office of the Bailyery~ is seen till perteenn of custome~ or of lawe . ferme and
stabill whe haldand and sall hald whateuer~ the said our~ souereyne~ Bailye
in his office of oure behalue ledis to be doonn . Alsua whe will and whe
graunte thatt the said sir Alex~ or his sonn have of oure said house of Coldingham
fife Marce of vsuall money of england yherly for all the termys of
<fol. 287v> the said sexti yhere3 for the fee of the said office . And alsua othir fife Marc~ of the
said vsuall money of england for thayre goode seruyce and rewarde . Jn wyttynessyng
of the whilke thynge3 bath the partie3 has enterchaungeably sett to thayre
seale3 Giffen att Durham the - iiij . day of January the yheere of oure lorde
a thousand fourhundreth fourty and twa yhere3 . <1 blank line>
Be it knawen till all menn be ther present letre3@ vs Alex~ hovme~ of thatt ilke knyght
and Alex~ sonn and Ayere to the said sir Alex~ lely and trewly to be bundynn and straitly
oblyse vs thatt whe sall maynteyn~ helpp suppowell and defennde Daun John Ell
and [his] successours priours of Coldingham thayre menn thayre seruantes thayre lanndes possessions
/ Rennt3 goode3 and all othere thynge3 thatt till thaymm of the said place
perteyns or may perteyne in tyme~ to comme of lawe or of right / aponn the said priours
coste for the terme~ of sexty yhere3 next eftir folowannd the date of
thir oure presentes letre3@ but fraude and gile / And att whe forsaid sir Alex~ and
Alex~ sall sett na lannd3 of the said prioury nor na tenantes make withoute
the consent of the prioure beyng for the tyme~ duryng the forsaid termys And
if it happyn~ as gode forbeide it do att the said sir Alex~ or Alex~ his sonn ad ayer~
do in the conntrary of this condicionn beforsaid thatt than it sall be lefull to
the said prioure or his successours to revoke and agaynn call the power~ thatt the
forsaid sir Alex~ and his ayere and sonn Alex~ has of the said prioure duryng the
said terme3 And eftir the termys forsaid whe sir Alex~ and Alex~ sall neuer~
clame the said office bod att the will of the prioures of Durham and Coldyngham
wha beis for the tyme~ / And att the said prioure sall dispoonn his goode3
of his place3 eftir his awenn discrecionn and as othere Abbays dois within
the Realme~ of Scotlande to the maste profett of the place with-oute impedyment
of vs or ony of oure3 in oure name~/ And thatt the forsaid Priour~
of Coldyngham for tyme beyng sall ordannde charge and discharge his
seruantes langyng to the prioury of Coldyngham att his awen will wythoutynn
lettyng or interrupcionn of vs or ony othere in oure name~ . And
moore-ouere whe oblyse vs thatt whe sall nott oppresse ne ouere-charge
the said place wyth oft repayryng to it with menn and horse othere
wyse thann resonn will . Jn wittenesse of the whilke thyng whe the
said sir Alex~ and Alex~ has sett to ouere seale3 the fourte day of Janeuere
the yheere of oure lorde a thousand fourhundreth fourty and twa yhere3 . <lat><6 lines></lat>