<County: Durham>
<Code: L0155>
<MS reference: London, BL Lansdowne Charter 627>
<Text: Bond>

Yis endentur made at wottonn in weredall ye xiij day of Fefir3ere in ye 3ere of kyng Henr~ ye fyfte
ye thred 3ere wittnes yat Sir~ Rawfe of Eure knyght deliuered to
Thomas ye son of Thomas of
Merkyngfelde . x li of golde vn-to ye be-hufe and huse of my
maister sir John Nevyle ye son@
of my lorde of westemerland ye qwilk x li ye forsayde thomas
son~ of Thomas of Merkyngfeld
has vndretakyn~ to be payed agayn~ to ye forsayde sir Rawfe or til his assignes wyth-in xiiij dayes
eftre pasche nexte folowyng eftre ye makyng of yis endentur