<County: Durham>
<Code: L0368>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Locellus IX.7, 13, 18, 32, 33, 34, XXV.30>
<Text: Letters>

<locellus xxv.30> wirshipfull sir J commend me to yowe thankyng yowe of all your~ effectuall labour~ doon@ for me a-fortyme besekyng yowe of your~ goode continuance Doyng yowe
to vndirstand yat nowe late at ye connotacion~ of ˆ [at] yorke was delyuerd to me a+bill be ye Shereffe of yorkeshire of ye whilke . J. sennd yowe a copy . in ye whilke
bill was contenyd yat yard shulde be awand be me for ye a halfe dyme graunt to ye kyng wythin ye diocese of Durham de anno – xiiijo xv li@ xijd J
apon@ myn@ accompt~ . for ye whilke he has a-mandment to distreyn@ me wyth-in yorkshire . and so has ˆ [he] doon@ at holtby in greet hynderaunce and
losse both to me and to ye tenantes . And for ye gedyryng of yis halfe dyme@ J . depute vndir+me Daun Henry Heloy . who sennd to yowe as he reportes
to me a lettre and ye parcelle3 of his assigment3 and his allowance apon@ his accompt@ all in a+bill to-gedre / prayng yowe yat yhe wald accompt~ for
me in ye chekere~ at londyn@ and he suld seth yowe of ye remenant whatt tym@ yhe com@ to countree of ye whilke lettre and parcelle3 J . sennd to yowe a
copy wharfor J . pray yowe yat yhe will sennde me worde on whatt maner yhe accompt~ for me and þat yhe will gare syrche in ye chekere howe
yis mater staunde3 in all ye goodly haste yhe cann And also yat yhe will inquire of thomas ˆ [Bekith] myn~ attornay in ye cheker who accompt~ for me for ye
laste dyme ˆ [graunt wythin ye diocese of Durham] and sennde [me] worde howe hitt staunde3 ˆ [and yis yhe will do for me as my triste is in yowe] And almyghty &c~ wrytin at durham ye . iiij. day of Octobr~

<locellus ix.13> Right trusty sir j grett yowe wele &c~ / And wher yhe sAy yhe warre enformed thatt J was wroth~ with yowe . sir . and yhe will
remembr~ yowe wele j haff shewid bod litill euyll will to yowe att ony tyme~ and wheer yhe say yhe warr noght~
prevy to the priour of lithu@ wirkyng sir J am glad therof and so J haff excusid yowe to your fadr~ priour and yowre~
brethere~ . And wher yhe latt me playnly weete thatt gentilmen of lancasshire~ purpose certeyn~ maters agayns the house
of Durham and the grettest of the ˆ [same~] house except the priour and the supperour sir me repente3 thatt thay ar so sett for the Priours
sake of lithu@ . for . our brether att home~ J suppoose with goode labour myght haaf been@ inducive to haaf sufferde
hym~ bide still priour of lithu@ eftir his Bulle thatt he has purchest or elle3 som other~ wais to his wirshipp and his
ease . bod sen~ thay herd tell of this maliciouse and sclanderouse labour thay ar all sett on side as J sall declar to
hym~ when@ J speke with hym~ . and wher yhe say [wrytte thatt] yhe hard thaym~ say and J toke noght noght fayre with his
letre thatt J suld haaf on~ thatt . J . shuld ??rk warr~ with . J . latt yowe ˆ [weete] J drede noght whatt am noght a- drede of
thayre manysshyng for ony mysrewle thatt thay can putt to me . for J latt yowe playnly weete this manusshyng
ˆ [and this reule] sall noght further~ . And as touchand other maters in your letre J may noght for occupacion@ answere to thaym~ nowe
bod rewle yowe as a trewe monke of durham s<?>l awe to do goodly and honestly and ony support or farthermoo
thatt J may do J will do it for yowe with all my hertt and if yhe do other~-wyse yhitt J will helpp to do
mak best of the wersee for J thanke ˆ [god] if J say it my-selfe it has been@ alway my condicion@

<locellus ix.32> Right~ wirshipfull & trusty sir J commend me to yow &c~ And J haff grett merwell thatt yhe sennd me noght answere of my lettr~ th<ill></ill>
j+sennt yowe by Brian your Cosyn@ . ne yhitt mett me as J desirid for your~ awen@ wirshipp and ease . Noght gaynstandyng J <ill></ill>
<ill></ill> yhitt comm and meete me att oon of the place3 J bymett yowe ˆ [in goodly haste or ony <?>esse be labord agayns yowe] for trewly J wald your~ wirshipp+and welfare as J haff
desyrid and thatt j suppoose yhe knawe . And til noght is And J latt yow weete my lord of durham is enformed of your revle
gouernance who will tak full partt agayns yowe ˆ [with all his anherandes<?>] and is purposte to procede agayns yowe for certeyn~ maters yhe warr
detecte of in his visitacion~ of the whilk yhe warr~ noght ˆ [yhitt] dismytt . And me merwels grettly thatt ˆ [yhe] wratt to ar<?> pope <ill></ill>
whoom~ yhe call your~ Cosyn@ sayng thatt your~ cosyns ˆ [and] frenndes seyng your Febilnesse and also the grett vnkyndnesse <ill></ill>
haff with-outyn~ cause gode waate in the Abbay of durham has labord for yowe wer-for yhe knawe full weele yhe ha<ill></ill>
full grettly tendirde both of my maistre priour and of the moste notabill menn in our place as was ony man of your
in the congregacion~ and som-deelle moore sen@ yhe warr monke . And J wiste manere~ vnkyndnesse doon@ to yowe in the
Abbay of Durham be no man bod anly this att was gevyn~ of yowe in my lord of durham visitacion@ . and me th<ill></ill>
shuld noght be grettly movid ther att for ther was as grett as grett conqert3<?> gevyn~ Jn of other as was of <ill></ill>
J shewid yowe my selfe . ˆ [last tym~ yhe warr~ att ham] wha with the grace of gode sall leefe . And if yhe ˆ [be] enformed thatt ther was ony man@ <ill></ill>
yowe ovt oute of your priory . sir J latt yowe weete be the faith J awe ˆ [to] gode almyghty J late yow weete J kn<ill></ill>
my maistr~ priour in purpoose ne will to discharge yowe . for he has been@ alway besy to supportt yowe and <ill></ill>
all thyng has been@ said of yowe att all tyme3 as yhe knawe and yhe will consider wele in your~ <ill></ill>
moor~-ouer wheer yhe pay <ill></ill> John lounde letre@ and the priour vex yowe / with the grace of gode and other <ill></ill>
mastirshipp and frenshipp yhe sall noght grettly dov<ill></ill> ˆ [sir] . J <ill></ill> truste wele yhe haaf grett s<ill></ill>
your neghbure3 and frennd3 in the countre .ˆ [bod] tak no baldneese thar by / ne+be no Jolynette3<?> thatt gevy<ill></ill>
ony comforth in this mater . for in goode faith thay sall desavy yowe> [desuafe] yowe and thatt is grett harme@ <ill></ill>
thatt with all my hertt me soore repent3 it god knowe3 . And therfor J pray yowe sennde me your <ill></ill>
in this matere by the brynger of this bill of all maters . J . haafe wretyn~ to yowe . boldly<?>
And gode giff yowe as wele ˆ [to] do as J my-selfe wald do . and in especiell for your awen@ <ill></ill>
Wretyn~ at durham the <?> v day of March

<locellus ix.34> right wirshipfull Sir J commende me to yowe with all my hertt And likitt yowe to vndirstaunde thatt J haff receyuyd Thomas haryngton@
letre3 and youre3 of the whilk me merwels right~ grettly consideryng howe it is no thyng acordyng to the poyt poynt<ill></ill>
and the conclusion@ made <ill></ill> betwen@ yowe and me ˆ [in especiell] att oure last partyng att yorke . For <ill></ill> it was accordit
thar betwen@ vs . thatt for savyng of the wirshipp of Thomas Haryngton@ thatt broght youe to yorke yhe suld gang frely
home~ agayn~ as yhe come~ and elle3 yhe wald haff resygned youre bulle3 att thatt same~ tyme~ . <And eftir thervppon@>
bod within a fourtenyght~ eftir yhe suld sennde a mann of youre3 to durham . and whe suld sennde onn othere home t<ill></ill>
yowe hym~ to lithom and thar yhe suld renunce your~ bulle3 and sennde thaym~ <ill></ill> with hym@ to my Maistre priour~
and so yhe to abide still prioure to whittsonday att lithom~ and than~ <ill></ill> ˆ [cum] home@ [and
And ˆ [and] thus the bursere and J reporte to
hym~ ˆ [betwix hym~ and vs] with all maner~ of goode langagh and <enformacion~><?> for youre worshipp and ease / whilk reporte eftir this
variaunce in your person@ is to [vs] a nott of reproffe and diswirshipp and this reporte whe made betwen@ my maistre
Priour and vse
Eftir att the Assise att durham John@ Portyngton@ Justice enformed my maistre priour of th the
agrement betwen@ yowe and hym@ the Burser and J beand presennt . and prayd hym~ tendirly and hertly to be
to yowe ˆ [goode and tendir fadre] so that yhe wald bide vppon@ youre purpose goode and tendir fadre And and so my maistre Prioure .
behest he wald be . And ther-vppon@ he wennte to the chapitre and declarid to thaym~ this matere ˆ [eftir John~ Portyngton@ informacion@] full tendirly
and prayd thaym~ specielly for yowe . so thatt throgh his prayer thay warre grettly enclynyd to <ill></ill> <ill></ill> yowe and
to do yowe ease and supporte And as [For] J informed yowe att yorke and also dyuerse tyme3 ˆ [has] wreten~ to yowe
yhe haff been@ as mykill behaldyn~ to hym~ <ill></ill> this mater and all other~ <ill></ill> as ony <ill></ill>
monke may be to his fadre . thoff yhe littl<?><ill><4-6 words></ill> and thatt gode will see fore . for thar is <ill></ill>
moor displesande to gode ˆ [to my consayte] than is ingratitude . And ˆ [as] for ony commonyng ˆ [to be hadd att lonndyn@] of our~ consell with <ill></ill>
yhe haff keppid so euyll the last poyntment yhe made att yorke J cann noght answer~ for ony tr<ill></ill> to be madd
att londyn~ . bod J latt youe weet thatt like as John@ Portyngton@ Justice and yhe <ill></ill> warre <ill></ill>
youre beyng att yorke and eftir your ansuere accorditt att yhe sennde att this tyme~ . my maistre priour and his <ill></ill>
will certifye my lorde3 of yorke and of <ill></ill> thay haff been@ and will be <ill></ill>
matere as yhe sall heer noght lang to . for traste <ill></ill> fully hadd noght been@ att the <ill></ill>
portyngton@ . ˆ [to] wham~ yhe do litill wirshipp in this mater and so J trowe he will take <ill></ill>
other tithynges lang goon@ sithen@ than yhe harde yhitt . bod J se will wele <?> thatt treiy<?>
and ease easynesse will noght <ill></ill> ˆ [do] att yowe . bod J troue Qd vexacio dabit nicellem@ and trust me
fully thatt yhe sall . haffe ˆ [and] thatt me . right soor~ repentes and yhe so yhe do noght~

<locellus ix.33> Right~ wirshipfull and reuerent sir J commend me to yowe with all my her <ill></ill>
my sympill consell . For where yhe wrytte in your letre thatt the Pape has <ill></ill>
of lithom@ / noghtwithstandyng all maner of priuilege &c~ / and thatt yhe haafe a pardon@ of the <ill></ill>
<ill></ill> the statute of prouisours and so yhe ar irreuocabill by ony priour of durham . sir this is agayn~ <ill></ill>
<ill></ill>ertee3 of <ill></ill> kirke of durham . and in especiell agayns the foundacion@ of the priory of lethom@ for <ill></ill>
tharof . <lat><10 words></lat> . and J . suppose <ill></ill>
been@ enformed of the treuth he wald noght~ haaf graunte your Bulle on no wyse . bod <ill></ill>
so the suggestion@ yhe exhibitte to the Pape whethire it be trewe or noght~ And J haff <ill></ill>
to my maistr~ priour ne to noon@ othere ne noght will yhitt . be-for J see your Bulle or elle3 a trew<ill></ill>
and also of your~ pardon@ and confirmacion~ of the kyng / and wheen@ the priour sees thatt and his brether . yh<ill></ill>
an aunswere . for J latt yowe weete this mater is begun . bod <ill></ill> good <ill></ill>
pente3 full soore . for sen@ the first foundacion@ of the kirke of durham was the <ill></ill>
agayns the priuilege3 and the liberte3 therofe . and thatt therfor <ill></ill>
takyn~ with all And triste me fully . ther is no monke in durham bod he will <ill></ill>
prevaile in this mater . And as for my person@ triste me fully J sall labour agayns your entent <ill></ill>
my lyffe laste3 . and gode he knawe3 thatt J am right sory therfor . And wheer yhe say . yhe may dispoon@ <ill></ill>
plate as ony parson@ or vicar in the countrey . Sir J suppoose / if so be yhe may gouern@ the spiritual <ill></ill>
yhe haffe purcheste . bod no wyse other~ gode3 thatt lange3 to the Celle of lethom@ . as yhe moon <ill></ill>
begyn~ this bergAyn . And my maistr~ priour may wele say when@ this mater commys to his kna<ill></ill>
<lat></lat> for and yhe will considir kyndly in your hertt / he has <ill></ill>
ful+tendir fader and goode and to putt hym~ to labour now in his <ill></ill> may euyll thynke <ill></ill>
doon@ for yowe . And therfor J consell yowe as my goode and <ill></ill>
durham as yhe warr profeste to-for yhe sall neuer prevaile <ill></ill>
hadd <ill></ill> .x. tyme3 moore supporte than@ yhe haafe . And yhe for to <ill></ill> this <ill></ill>
lok neuer eftir frenshipp ne felishipp of the hovse of durham / and thatt me thy<ill></ill>
consideryng the wirshipp yhe haafe hadd therby . And traiste me fully this mater will be <ill></ill>
att our~ generall Chapiter~ and moorouer to the gretteste of the Revme~ who J truste att the <ill></ill>
Cuthbertt will take full party agayns yowe noght~ to your~ eise ne wirshipp . And wh<ill></ill>
my worde3 in no degre as the hovse of Durham shuld be ony-thyng agaste or ferde of your labour <ill></ill>
thaym~ as in way of consell of hym~ thatt walde your~ wirshipp and welfare as it warre his awen@ <ill></ill>
and cause . And wheer the priour wratte to yowe in . virtute <ill></ill>
Purificacoiu~ beate~ M~ . sir J . haff so labourd to hym~ thatt the <ill></ill>
therofe . And therfor all this laid by . J consell yowe fully com~ h<?>m and spek with <ill></ill>
J may also common~ with yowe in this mater . for me hadd leuere than@ halfe the goode J haff <ill></ill>
with yowe soonn . consideryng the grett dis diseese is likly to fall to fall to yowe in this <ill></ill>
for J pray yowe with all my hertt . other com~ hom~ in haste whilk me has leuer yhe dide <ill></ill>
som answere in all haste ˆ [goodly] . And . J . se wele daun Th Owele giffis yowe comforth in this mater bod <ill></ill>
be revlid by me in this mater moore than@ by hym~ . for yhe sall fynnde it moore profett and wirshipp<ill></ill>
rakynnde . for and yhe abide in this purpose it sall be your vndoyng vndoyng . whilke gode for <ill></ill>
withstaunde . And moore-ouer wher yhe say our~ maistre <ill></ill> no tyme~ to contynewe . And he att <ill></ill>
cede <ill></ill> to hym~ is likly to be your dedly enmy as . J . knawe <ill></ill>
bod yhe sall consave for the treuth thatt blessid be gode the priour is like to leefe as lang as he that yhe <ill></ill>
of to my consayte . and therfor as for his successour . he thatt menn has lest consayt of may happyn~ to <ill></ill>
all this aforsaid yhe will sennde me worde in all haste noght~ lettyng for the ˆ [coste] of A+man~ . for J will <ill></ill>
with a goode will . And if yhe myght noght com@ hamm yhitt J wald mete yowe att Der<ill></ill>
Percybrig for in good faith farther J may noght labour for the SciaticA . And byd still monk of durham
and J youre3 whille3 J leefe . And if yhe bidd on your purpoose fayre wele for-euer writen@ Att <ill></ill>

<locellus ix.18><line 3> With all maner of reuerence honours and obedience J commande <ill></ill>
lawly as J can or may / euermoore desiryng for to heere of youre <ill></ill>
whilke . J . besek gode almyghty for to maynten@ and encresse to his <ill></ill>
all maner of subieccion~ Thankyng youe of your good lordshipp and <?>ndir+fadirheued th<ill></ill>
to me att all <ill></ill> yowe of gode contynuance lik it your wirshipfull lordship<ill></ill>
doon@ me to vndirstande thatt J suld be de<????>e att the visitacion@ of my lord of durham <ill></ill>
and gold <ill></ill> beste3 and othir goode3 propir and preuate . and att your Celle whilk J haff in gouernance suld <ill></ill>
in dett . whilk is grett mervell and hevynesse to me . att ony <ill></ill>
for trewly as touchande siluer and gold . J was neuer+sa <ill></ill>
and has hadd mony grett cause3 this . iiij . or . v . yhere to god<ill></ill> is wele <ill></ill>
duelle3 . with me / and till all the countree a+bowte vs . And as touchande Catall and other goode3 <ill></ill>
bod thaym~ att lange3 to the prioury of lithu@ . and also my brother knawe3 thaym~ and howe mony thay <ill></ill>
as J . and thatt will bath J and thay swere and staunde by . and Catall ar nowe att litill away <ill></ill>
grett dede in all oure cuntree of Catell and sa it is with vs in sa mekill thatt J haff other whill<ill></ill>
dede onn a nyght / and tharfor dar na+man by nan@ att me for drede of doyng of <ill></ill>
att yhe cann putt thaym~ till ony better gouernance then . J . both J and thay sall <ill></ill>
gouernance . for J thynke it be a+monke as lang as J leefe . And also wheere it is saide thatt your~ Celle of l<ill></ill>
suld be grettly in dett . and it lik your~ wirshipfull fadirheued to luke the fote of my last a-covn<ill></ill>
it be bod cxij s~ J d . and thatt is na grett dett . And sa and it like to your~ graciouse fadirhede yhe <ill></ill>
wele vndirstaunde . att it is titter doonn for malyce then@ for ony profett for the hovse or amendyng of <ill></ill>
person@ . wher-for J beseke yowe of your wirshippfull lordshipp thatt yhe wele wo<ill></ill> to latt me weete
howe thatt yowe thynke att J . suld be revlid and gouerned in this mater . for trewly att your will and att your
revle . J . will euer be gouerned with the grace of gode . who haff yowe euermoore in@ his graciouse kepyng
wretyn@ att lithu@ the fowrtt day of Octobr@ <blank line>
By your awen@ subiecte and
Bedmann Priour of lithum