<County: Durham>
<Code: L0369>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Locellus XXV.138>
<Text: Letter>

¶ Wirschipfull Sir & reuerent fadir~ in god J recommende me vnto 3ow . And for als mekill as Thomas my prest was at 3ou at durham touchyng an Arest at was made of þe teynd hay & corn@ at hilton@
qhilke was like to hafe bene lost þat was made . be a man~ of myne callid Willam hall for certaigne dett aght to hym~ be 3our brothir þe Maistre~ of Warmouth And at þe reuerance
of 3ow . be þe Message at the said Thomas my prest broght to me fro 3ou J gart lowse þe arest at was made & put my man~ fra þat auantage þat he suld hafe had in my Court
be þat arest & put hym~ to gret hynderance And 3it þer es none end made with him~ 3it of qhilke me marvayles . Whare-fore J pray 3ou at 3e will send to þe said Maistre
of Warmouth to make on eynd with my said man@ in hast / And delay hym~ no langer And if he will noght J pray 3ow hald me excusid qhat hapyn~ efterward And qhat like
3ow to do in~ this mater J pray 3ou send me word writen~ be þe brynger of this And wirschipfull sir & reuerent fadir~ in god þe holy Trinite hafe 3ou in his kepyng
Writen~ in~ hast at hilton~ on sononday next before saynt lenard day <followed by a gap equivalent to 2-3 blank lines>
Be Robert
Baron~ of hilton@