<County: Durham>
<Code: L0371>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Locellus XXV.40>
<Text: Letter>

Right worschipfull & reuerent lord J recomande me vnto your
gude lordschip besekyng almyghti god to thank yow of
your gude lordschip that it likit yow to
schew me a-for this <ill></ill> tyme : Besekyng yow of your gude
continuance / And for als mekill as my cosyn@ John@
Hayton@ was late wt yow .
for eyght . of syluer vessell the qwilk wer vnto my right
worschipfull maister & husband / whome god assoyle / the qwilk / er put
in a chist into your Chauncery for oure kepynge J beseke yow of
your gude lordschip@ that thei be no3t Deliuerd vnto my saide John@
cosyn John Hayton@ nor to no nother vnto yhe haue sendyng
fr<?> me in especiall that it is my wyll so to be done Most
& reuerent lord almyghti god haue yow euermor in kepyng .
writen at Wynyarde on Palmesonday last passed
your Bedw<ill><1 letter></ill>man
sibill of