<County: Durham>
<Code: L1005>
<MS reference: Durham, Durham County Record Office, D/Lo/F 322>
<Text: Commissioning agreement>

This endenture made betwene Thomas of langton~ of Wyneyard and Thomas Rose vicar~ of Meryngton~ of yat ane partie and John Todde Wryght Robert
Todde of lanchestr~ & nicol hayforth of Duresme of that oþer partie beres wyttenes yat ye forsaide John haues vndurtakyn~ for til make of newe rayse and
fully ende wele & sufficiantely with sawyng & all maner of worke & thinge3 to wryghcrafte pertenaunt excepte tymbre & cariage of it & Jrynwark A+crosse
<ill><1 word, smudged></ill> to the halle of the forsaide Thomas of langton~ at wyneyard with vj Cupple of poste3 ilka couple beande fro othir xj fete coman~ of a+man with
an entr~ vndurneth to ye kechonn wt an entre close wall ouertwart in þe myddes of ye forsaide chambr~ abouen And ij preueys to the forsaide chambr~ accordant
eftur ye avyse of ye forsaide Thomas of langton~ whilke chambr~ ˆ [sufficiantly sette in<?> sele-trees Rabet & dight in alle partie to be plasterede] with all ye forsaide appurtenant3 in all werkes & thynges before-saide wele & trewly to
make & fully ende all redy to the thekyng be the feste of seint Petre callede Aduincla nexte for to come eftur ye date of thir present3 endentur~ ye forsaide John@
grantes & be yir present3 endentur~ hym faste bynde3 swa yat in ye defaute of tymbr~ ne of carying of it he be noght tariede ne lettede / for makyng of whilke
chambr~ entree per close+wall & preueis in alle thynge3 in ye fourme before-saide wele & trewely to be made raysede & endede ye forsaide Thomas & Thomas to ye forsaide
John~ . vj . li of gude lawfull Jnglyssh money sall paye & a gowne outhir of hys awne or of ye seute of his 3omon~ that is for to say when he begynnes to
wyrke xl s when the worke is halfe made <hole in parchment> when he begynnes to rayse xx s And when the forsaide chambr~ is fully made & endede in ye+forsaide
fourme xx s to ye whilke payement3 of ye forsaide money in the fourme beforenamede wele & trewely to ye forsaide John or to his certeyne attournee
to be made the forsaide Thomas & Thomas & ayþer of thaim be thaim selfe Joyntely & seuerally be thir present3 endenture3 faste byndes yaim yaire heires &
executours / And to all and til ylkane of ye couenant3 beforesaide on ye partie of ye forsaide John in ye manere & fourme beforenamede wele trewly & suffici
antly with-outen fraude or gile to be haldyn~ & in all thynges to be fullefillede / ye forsaide John Robert & nich~ be yir present endentures faste byndes yaim
and ylkane of þaim be yaim selfe Joyntely & seuerally in ye hale to ye forsaide Thomas and Thomas in . vj . li of sterlinges to be paied to ye forsaide Thomas
& Thomas or to outhir of yaim yaire heires or executours or to yaire certeyne attournee in ye feste of seint Michel Archangell nexte forto come eftur ye date
of yir presente3 endenture3 withouten~ langer delay / Swa be yat ye forsaide John on his partie fulle in ye couenant3 beforesaide or in any of thaim in ye manere
& fourme before expressede Jn ye wyttenesse of whilke thyng to thir presente3 endenture3 ye parties abouen-saide entrechaungeabily haues sette yaire seals Gyffyn@
ye laste day of Januer Jn ye 3ere of ye kyngdome of kyng henry fifte efter ye conquest of Jngland <gap> secounde