<County: Durham>
<Code: L1114>
<MS reference: Durham, Durham County Record Office DSt/D1/2/13>
<Text: Attestation>

Be itt knawn~ to all men~ to qwose knawlege yis wrytyng~ sall com~ yt we willam Conan and
Thomas Martyn~ ye eldir~ of Barnardcastell wyttnesys & recordys as we yt er two Agyd
men@ yt we knaw for verrey trewth yat henry hedelam somtyme of lyrtyngton~ died
seisyd & in possession~ of ye landes & tennt3 wt yair Appurtenaunce3 in Staynton~ in the Cragges
of ye qwylk sir John Eppylby & sir Thomas Sourhale preste3 pretended to haue hadd
seisyne & possession~ delyuered to yaim by one Jak Goodwyn~ ye qwylk we knaw was
mon~ trew ne yt ye saied Jak . deliuered neuer seisyne to ye saide sir Thomas ne to no
oyere / in ye lyve of ye saide henry yat we tak apon~ our trewthe3 als we mote mette
awnswer~ afore god on~ ye day of dome wyrtyn~ at Barnerdcastell Also J John smalbayn~
of Bernerdcastell wytnesis & recordes al yt ye forsaid Willam & Thomas sais . knawyng~
it for trew & no3t feynyd als J mete awnswer before god on~ ye dredeful day of dome
qwarfore we Willam Thomas & John settes to yis wrytyng~ oure seels h in ye presence
<?>f Sir John Bower preste & Thomas Mikylton~ 3oman~ wyrtyn~ at Bernerdcastell ye sext
day of december ye 3ere of oure lord A thowsand iiij hundyrth FyFty & two / /