<County: Yorkshire East Riding>
<Code: L1134>
<MS reference: Kingston-upon-Hall, Corporation Archives, Bench Book 2>
<Text: Award>

This is the acord & awarde made be-for Symond of Dedale Maire of kyngeston~ opon~ Hull the Friday next eftre
the fest of seint Gregorie yn the 3ere of oure lorde the kyng henry fift yat nowe is the second be vs John
waleys Robert Shakels John Greg & John Saunderson Arbitrours chosen be the Maire forsaide and be the assent of
parties efter-writen be-twen william hedon of yt one partie & Thomas Swan & Alison~ of Beuerley of yt other partie of
title & debate of a tenement with the appurtenant3 in kyngeston~ opon~ Hull & other debates & quereles be-twen
yame yn any tyme be-for yis day hade Jn ye firste we awarde yt ather partie forsaide forgif & releys till other
all manere accions & debates moued be-twen~ yame whethir yt it be in spirituell Court or temporell Also we award
yt the entre made be william hedon forsaied in ye same tenement opon~ Thomas Swan & Alison forsaied & the
seisyne & feoffament deliuered be ye same william vnto vicar of kayngham & other sal+be anulled voide & halden
as noght And yt ye forsaied Thomas swan & Alson~ stand in thar first estate yt yai warem<?> Jn ye tenement forsaied
be-for entre made be ye forsaied william And then ye forsaied Thomas swan & Alson~ sal deliuere to ye forsaied
william half ye tenement forsaied wt ye appurtenant3 And also we award yt ye forsaied Thomas swan~ & Alson~
sal gif to the same william C s~ for witholdyng of yt half tenement fro ye same william Also we award
yt ye forsaied Thomas swan & Alson~ sal deliuere all ye dedes of ye forsaied tenement yt yai haue in kepyng in-to
ye handes of Symond of Dedale then Maire to kepe in meen~ hand to ye vse of bothe ye parties forsaied to haue
retours vn-to in tyme of nede the whilk awarde the forsaied Thomas & Alson~ hase perfourmed of thare partie
And ye forsaied william hase noght perfourned oure awarde be-cause yt he occupies & has occupied all ye hole
tenement forsaied to this day ¶ <lat></lat>