<County: Yorkshire East Riding>
<Code: L1135>
<MS reference: Kingston-upon-Hull, Corporation Archives, Bench Book 2, fol. 251>
<Text: Memorandum>

Be it knowen~ to all maner of menn yat whar~ yat Johnn Wodhous & Johnn Harpham Prestis has graunted vnto
Robert Hugonn & Jonet his wife sumtyme the wife of Gilbert of Birkyn~ an Annuell rent of xxvj s~ viij d
to be takenn of a Tenement in kyngestonn opon~ hull als it aperis by a dede duryng novne age of Johnn of Birkynn
the sonn of Gilbert of Birkyn~ Neuer-the-les the parties forsaide ˆ [er~] acorded by the Arbitrement & the awarde of
Johnn Aldwik & Robert Tuppn of hull Thomas Rotherham & Johnn Frestonn of york / that if it so be that the
forsade Johnn Birkyn~ dy within age that 3hit the forsade Robert hugon~ & Jonet his wife sall take &
receyue the forsade rent of xxvj sn viij d 3herely vnto the 3here that playne age wold haue bene demyd
by the law in the forsade Johnn Birkyn~ yf that he had leued